Benefits of Trying a Dress before Purchasing It

Benefits of Trying a Dress before Purchasing It
Benefits of Trying a Dress before Purchasing It

Benefits of Trying a Dress before Purchasing It : Buying all your wardrobe on the Internet is tempting for many people. However, buying online has a major drawback with many buyers: fitting. How can you try on your clothes before you buy them online? Some online dress stores now offer a particularly interesting system: try before you buy.

The day you will try your dress ensure to be mentally calm. Think about the details and peculiarities that led you to choose that dress from all the others. Take note of these tips. You will go to the test much safer!

When you will try it, it may not fit you well

In the first test it may not fill you properly unless you make the dress to measure, something that happens in haute couture and in the workshops of designers of wedding dresses, the dress that you are going to try on is yours, but in a generic size that later they will have to touch up so that it feels like a glove. Do not be disappointed if you see that it does not fit well or fit as you imagined. Everything gets fixed.

If the first test is important for something, it is to verify that the chosen size is adequate and see that the neckline, the sleeves if there are any, the tail and the waist are where they should be despite having to modify them a bit. And above all, look at the fall of your dress, in which wrinkles should not form, or folds or bulges, that the sleeves do not throw at you, that you can move with total comfort and that it does not feel very warm.

Remember the add-ons

Going without the accessories to test the dress is a big no. For the first test of the dress to be useful, it must be as similar to the definitive combination that you desire. That is, next to the dress you should see the shoes you want to wear on your event, you must have chosen the hairstyle that you would make or the jewels that you like.

Do not stay with doubts

Do not leave the studio with doubts and without being 100% sure of your final decision. The dress of your dreams should be the final one, the one that has convinced you the most and that will not make you change your mind soon after not having resolved any doubts when the time came. The stylists will be happy to assist you with everything you need.

How does this service work?

Paying for delivery after trying on the clothes is a dream for all online shoppers. However, it is a rule and a service complicated to implement, because it is important above all to ensure that the goods are paid one day. How can you be sure that customers will pay for their products and not take advantage of this service to “steal” the outfits? The best way to avoid breaking the bank in a few clicks is to make it compulsory to register a bank card in your account. This rule thus allows the shop to charge the person at a given time if the latter has failed to carry out the transaction.

A force for online stores

Companies recently implemented this system in their online store. It’s an unprecedented service that needs to be there to meet the growing demands of consumers. To be able to try on your clothes is to be able to be sure of your purchase and possibly make others afterward. Even if return rates can increase in the long term, this way of doing things can, on the contrary, make purchases simpler for them, as for merchants.

The fitting before buying the clothes is for the most loyal customers. The service is expected to expand on the market, but it remains unthinkable that the companies want to open to all.

Why this type of service works?

How often the clothes are bought too small or too large? How many people pulled their hair out to return their clothes and get their money back? Often, online stores do not want to reimburse in the form of a transfer or check but prefer to give coupons for future purchases. Yes, the product is reimbursed, but this method pushes consumers to consume more. By trying for free at home, professionals offer consumers the luxury of believing themselves to be in a store and, above all, offer them the advantage of making a choice: keep and pay, or return and not pay, as in physical dress stores. So try before you buy.

Makeup and hairstyle as at the wedding

You can also match the first test of the dress with the makeup and hairstyle. In this way, the effect you will have when putting on the dress will be much more real and close to what you will see on the day. It will help you remain a better memory and confirm if your choice has been the most appropriate.

Virtually test a product

If customers test products it is often to know how it “looks on them”, assuming that a product that seems to visually match what is expected, may not be suitable once worn or in interaction with a given individual.

For example, how many pairs of shoes purchased on the Internet are ultimately abandoned because they could not be tried before purchasing? Only the commercial policy of free returns (for the customer) of products allows online shoe sales models to develop.

However, for other categories of products, current technology allows a situation of the product without having to come into physical contact with it.

In the same way, the virtual mirror of L’Oreal Makeup Genius makes it possible to visualize in three dimensions on its own portrait the different make-up products of the brand in an almost infinite way. In all these cases, the challenge for companies that enter a logic of virtual testing of their products begins to produce the solution as close as possible to the situation of real use.

The question of the similarity between virtual experience and real experience is, therefore, at the heart of the effectiveness of these practices.


And above all, never leave the test with doubts. Ask what you consider necessary and leave there satisfied because everything is on the right track.





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Benefits of Trying a Dress before Purchasing It

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