Coolsculpting vs. Other Forms of Fat Reduction Treatments

Fat reduction treatments come in all shapes and sizes (no pun intended.) It’s no secret that for the past several decades, people have enjoyed the privilege but being able to choose exactly how they want two tone their body and reduce weight.

A fat reduction procedure exists to suit many different body types, since everyone’s body functions differently and is structured differently as well. With all these choices, it can get pretty daunting to figure out which one is perfect for you to try out. Some are claimed to be better than others, others are said to be cheaper, a certain few work faster. But none are as interesting and innovative as Coolsculpting NYC and LA’s biggest fat reduction and body sculpting trend as of late.

And there’s a reason why it’s gained so much popularity, as it offers certain advantages which no other fat reduction treatment will provide. So let’s compare and contrast to see why Coolsculpting is being heralded is a modern wonder of cosmetic treatments and why so many clinics are switching over to Coolsculpting as their go-to body sculpting procedure.

The Coolest Way to Tone

You’ll be hearing puns with the word “cool” very often when reading about Coolsculpting. But it’s not just done for cheap laughs. It literally is pretty cool how Coolsculpting manages to tone the body and it’s a great thing of interest to learn about.

Most fat reduction treatments utilize some kind of a burning factor, where a chemical or even laser trims away fat at a precise and controlled level, so as to not damage any other part of the body. These methods, vast in numbers and techniques, have been used for some time now, showing varying degrees of effectiveness.

But these treatments have some major disadvantages, that being that they’re not for everyone, as they aren’t universally safe. Some people are allergic to certain compounds, others may have skin that doesn’t tolerate a particular laser frequency. So these treatments, while effective to some extent, are still limited in scope.

Coolsculpting, however, uses the power of cold and the cold alone; no weird chemicals, lasers, knives or any other kind of tool. Just a set of pumps which create an environment cold enough on the surface of the skin to be able to trim away the excess body fat in specific areas of the body.

Now I put it very simply, but you may be surprised that that’s all the procedure actually does. And since you can’t have an allergic reaction to the cold, the only thing you need to worry about is sensitive skin that may not be as tolerant of cold temperatures as other kinds of skin. But even in this case, there are ways around skin sensitivity, since even the most sensitive skin will be a lot safer from the cold than from lasers and other kinds of radioactive tools.

An Easier Recovery

As with any procedure, the aftermath is just as important as the procedure itself. Modern citizens of the world like ourselves are always looking to have things done as fast and efficiently as possible. We simply don’t have the time to wait for scars and gashes to recover from a fat reduction treatment.

The problem with many of the standard fat reduction treatments, is that they tend to leave behind a lot of damage. By damage, I don’t mean they literally harm your body, but rather leave things for your body to pick back up and put together. You may need some time for your body to safely rinse the injected chemicals out of your body, which burned away the fat. Or if the treatment involved incisions, then you’ll have to wait for the skin to recover.

One way or another, there is going to be some damage done which your body will need time to recover from, time that you may simply not have. But this is where the good news with Coolsculpting comes in: there is pretty much nothing to recover from.

I say pretty much, because with the prolonged exposure to the cold with the Coolsculpting equipment, your skin will need some time to recover and return back to normal. But this will take as much time out of your hands as it does when you come inside during the winter and your skin is exposed to warmth again. The treated areas will need to be moisturized at least once to restore the softness of the skin properly, but other than that, you don’t need to go through some complicated recovery.

No need for extra medicine, creams or other kinds of post-treatment solutions; just take a little care of the treated areas immediately after the procedure without putting too much strain on the skin and you’re all done.

Not as Easy to Find, But Totally Worth Snooping for.

It’s no secret that not as many clinics have caught onto the Coolsculpting trend just yet. Certain clinics are choosing to wait and see how the Coolsculpting fad will develop and retain their traditional fat reduction treatments.

Those clinics that choose to advance, like Manhattan’s Skinly Aesthetics, are right on the mark with their Coolsculpting treatment plan. The Coolsculpting NYC package has offered some of the most professional service in the whole city for an affordable price. It is by far one of the best deals you’ll find in the city and is definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in getting Coolsculpting yourself.

Other than that, your best bet would be to do some research and ask around to see which other clinics in your local area offer the Coolsculpting treatment and for a price that suits you. And just know that with Coolsculpting, you’ll have a lot less to worry about than other, traditional forms of fat reduction treatments. This less weight on your shoulders is enough of an incentive to give the treatment a try and see how it works its magic on you.






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Coolsculpting vs. Other Forms of Fat Reduction Treatments

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