Inspiring Fitness Influencers

Inspiring Fitness Influencers

Inspiring Fitness Influencers : With the explosion of multiple lifestyle diseases, the role of fitness influencers is taking centre stage. The influencers are critical because they share essential information with their audiences that the latter can apply to boost their fitness. For fitness entrepreneurs, influencers can help pass your messages to specific audiences to create a strong client base. They are an essential aspect of your marketing strategy because they relay messages to particular audiences.

The social networking sites have made it possible for influencers to have massive followers. Followers of fitness influencers regard them as authentic because they’re professionals in the industry. By delivering their messages with inspiring quotes from athletes, for example, the influencers may direct many clients to their brands. Although there are many influencers in the market, the following have built reliable names in the fitness field being the pioneers.

Bedros Keuillian 

Bedros has surmounted inordinate huddles to rise ranks and become a successful fitness entrepreneur, bestselling author, and a celebrated businessman. His story captures all the traits of rags to riches narrative. As an immigrant to the US, he spent most of his time eking for a living to support his family. However, through his’ Fit Body Boot’ brand, he has carved a name in the fitness industry through hard work. His franchise has approximately 500 locations in the US and Canada.

Through the skills he learned in his brand, Bedros gets involved in various businesses and packages himself as an all-around entrepreneur. His Instagram page has 102k followers who he regularly inspires with motivational snippets.


Shona Vertue

Shona Vertue has many years of experience as a Yoga coach and personal trainer. Through her studio in London, she trains renowned celebrities like David Beckham. She offers online training courses that have made her famous. All her online training pieces are based on The Vertue Method, which focuses on the whole body. The three pillars of her program include yoga, a nutritious diet, and strength training. She offers mini-training tutorials on her Instagram account, that has over 328k followers.

A critical lesson that a Yoga studio owner should learn from Shona is that putting yourself in the centre of your brand is vital. Don’t shy away from mixing your tutorials with an aspect of your personal life. This tactic helps in building a strong bond with your audiences.


Jamie Alderton

Coming from a military background, Jamie Alderton has built a strong brand as a fitness influencer. He offers all-round information to upcoming fitness entrepreneurs. Apart from his gym known as Grenade Fit, he runs virtual courses through his brand called Train with Jay. You can also benefit a lot from Jamie’s YouTube page, which captures content about his life as a fitness entrepreneur.


Kayla Itsines 

Kayla Itsines is an Australian fitness influencer who has built a strong brand through Bikini Body Guides, helping women attain their perfect bodies. Through her e-books, Kayla tracks the life of women who have achieved their ideal body shape. She is one of the most influential people on the internet as she has over 10 million followers on Instagram. She inspires her audiences with ‘before and after’ images of women who have applied her Bikini Body Guide. She has over 25 million followers on her Facebook account.



Influencers in the fitness industry help in training people through various approaches. Technology has made it possible to interact with influencers through social media. If you’re looking for the influencers to follow, you can choose any of the ones captured in this blog.






Inspiring Fitness Influencers

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