Date Night Makeup Mistakes

When it comes to dating, beauty is not always a deal breaker, but there are a few makeup mistakes you should definitely avoid. These makeup mistakes are easily made and they are also easy to avoid. You just need to be attentive and aware of 7 date night makeup mistakes every woman should avoid.

1. Applying concealer under your eyes

Remember, concealer is good for concealing, but not for your eye bags. Don’t apply concealer under your eyes or use a concealer that matches your skin tone so that your eye bags won’t glare white and won’t make you look bizarre.

2. All over eyeliner

Using eyeliner is great as it makes the eyes look sultry, big, and sometimes even scary All over eyeliner is a habit you should save for holidays and nights out, not your date, especially the first one. This is one of the biggest date night makeup mistakes you should definitely avoid.

3. Applying too much mascara

Using old mascara is one of the key culprits here. If your mascara is a little old, dunk it in hot water for 5 minutes. Another mistake is layering mascara too fast. Remember, you should give your lashes a few minutes to rest before applying the next layer, because it may clump.

4. Bright lipstick

When it comes to dates, lipstick is quite handy. But there is a real danger that your lipstick will gravitate towards your teeth and will make you look bizarre. Stop this happening by avoiding using a bright lipstick. You can also try a brand that is made to last longer.

5. Using the wrong shade of foundation

Using the wrong shade of foundation is a makeup mistake many of women make. Tanning and continuing to use the wrong shade of foundation is another makeup mistake. If this happens to you a few hours before your date, intensify your powder blush beneath your cheek bones to conceal it. Then, using a damp sponge lightly dab across your face.

6. Fake tan

Well, I agree, fake tan is wonderful. It can make you look healthier and slimmer without UV rays. But sometimes when we apply a fake tan we end up looking like a streak of bacon. Not every guy wants to date streaks of bacon. If you still want to use fake tan, make sure you develop several fool-proof ways of tanning yourself. But, be patience, since it takes a lot of practice. I think the best option is to go for a spraytan from a professional.

7. 80’s lip liner

A lip liner was cool in the 80s, but today it simply screams ‘makeup novice’. Sure, a lip liner is an amazing asset that helps prevent the lipstick from trotting off around the mouth. But if you’ve never used a lip liner before, don’t use it right before date. First, buy a lip liner that matches the natural shade of your mouth. Also, never apply your lip liner too thick, otherwise you will look ridiculous.

Avoid making these mistakes to boost your confidence and get excellent dating comfort levels. Have you ever made any date night makeup mistakes? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.


Date Night Makeup Mistakes