Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men

The Answer Is "Yes", According To Expert In Sleep Science

Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men
Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men

Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men : Sleep is the most basic human need and it is essential for good mental and physical health. When we’re asleep, our bodies rest and relax. So, getting the right amount of sleep and great quality sleep is vital to remain healthy.

But it seems that women need more sleep than men. That’s according to Dr. Jim Horne, the leading expert in sleep science from the UK.

The sleep expert published an article in which he explained that on average, women need to get 20 more minutes of sleep compared to men. But why is that? Well, according to Horne, women tend to multi-task more than men do, meaning that they use more of their actual brain so they need more sleep to rest. In general, the more you use your brain during the day, the more sleep you need for it to rest during the night.

Yet, although women need more sleep than men, it seems that women are actually not getting the proper amount of sleep. Several factors can impact women’s quantity and quality of sleep. Keep reading below to find out what’s keeping women awake and how to get better night’s sleep.

What affects sleep quality in women?

Data from the Sleep Foundation shows that nearly 40 million American men and women struggle with sleep disorders such as insomnia, narcolepsy, and nocturnal sleep-related eating disorder.

Yet, studies show that more women are affected by such sleep disorders compared to men. For example, women are more likely to report insomnia than men. A study has found that more women experience symptoms of insomnia at least a few nights a week, compared to men.

But, besides sleep disorders that are keeping women awake, there are also several other factors that may affect the quantity and quality of sleep, including:

  • Pregnancy period can cause sleep disturbances to women due to excess weight and the position of the fetus. It is also really difficult for some pregnant women to find a good and comfortable sleep position.
  • Hot flashes felt by women during menopause can cause difficulty sleeping.
  • Worrying about problems can also keep women awake, leading to sleep deprivation.

How can women get better night’s sleep?

Insomnia and poor sleep quality can have major impacts on the long term, affecting a woman’s mental and physical health. So, if you have trouble sleeping or you still feel tired even after a night full of sleep, you need to try a few methods to improve the quality of your sleep.

What can you do? Well, first of all, look for the Best Mattress for women and pick the one that is right for you. The bed is the king of your bedroom, so you need to invest in a mattress that allows you to feel comfortable when laying down.

Next, you can combat insomnia with natural remedies, such as getting regular exercise, setting routine bed and wake times, and limiting caffeine intake. If insomnia persists, it’s best to discuss your sleep problem with a doctor to help you find other steps you ca take to get good night’s sleep.






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Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men

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