Do Women Still Wear Cotton?

Do Women Still Wear Cotton? : What do you think of when you need to buy something for a vacation in the tropics? Cotton is a go-to fabric for most women. Our wardrobes are dominated by it. This cloth has a remarkable historical journey making it a popular choice for many centuries. It is not just a thing of the present; we have only started to style ourselves with cotton.

The History of Cotton

Interestingly, people have worn cotton in one form or the other since the fifth millennium BC. You can imagine how old the history of clothing might be. However, let’s dive deeper into the past and see where the fabric came from.

The word cotton came from the Arabic word “quton.”

It was first produced in the subcontinent many years ago. The cotton gin was first manufactured in India. The gin or the cotton engine separated the fiber from the seeds, which produced cotton fiber in pure form. This was a manual job requiring intense long hours of labor. Advancements in technology in countries like the United States and Europe eventually brought down these manual hours of 600 to 12.

Consumption of cotton fabrics across the world

Give the textile industry a cursory look, and you will find that cotton is a major player. It played a significant role in the industrial revolution, which started in the eighteenth century. Due to its properties, it is an ideal crop that can be grown globally; however, it is usually found in tropical or subtropical regions. It is drought-resistant, which is primarily appealing to the textile industry for profit-making reasons.

Today, cotton is used for a ton of things. Your polo t-shirt or home décor or cosmetics, you can find cotton just about anywhere. Big pharmaceutical companies also use it across the globe to manufacture supplies.

Major consumers across the planet are countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, and India, and they are the largest exporters too. Countries in the West have considerable fabric exports, such as the United States or Brazil.

Some stats say that cotton consumption worldwide has changed due to the covid-19 pandemic. Furthermore, global consumption increased by 17.29% from 22.44 million metric tons in 2019-20 to 26.32 million metric tons in 2020-2021. This means more and more people or businesses are looking out for cotton.

Five reasons women ‘still’ buy cotton fabrics

The fact that our ancestors wore it should be enough to consider wearing the fabric. However, don’t take your ancestors’ word for it. The world today raves about the benefits too. It has been the number one choice for generations, and there is no sign that the fabric’s popularity is about to die out anytime soon. Five common reasons women wear still buy this fabric are listed below.

Cotton is versatile

Cotton is there to save the day if you want to style yourself for any occasion. You can find cotton almost everywhere, from sportswear to semi-formal and a formal dress. Eveningwear that makes those heads turn can be stitched to perfection using the fabric. Cotton is also woven with different fibers producing corduroy, velour, chambray, and lace materials. What more does a woman want?

Cotton is not a delicate fabric

There are many kinds of fabrics, and most, if not, all need to be handled with care. However, if you like to throw your clothes in the laundry every once in a while or do not want to hang your clothes properly in the wardrobe, you have to consider a fabric that can withstand the stress. Cotton fabric is durable and long-lasting because of its properties. Whether you want to wash it or not, hang it or not, it will not wither away. Furthermore, it does not tear away during ironing or washing, nor does the color fade away. Women who live simple and carefree lives love to have cotton in their wardrobes and continue to do so.

It is a cool fabric

Women are constantly looking for fabrics that allow their skin to breathe. Who likes wearing clothes that make those acne pimples pop out? Cotton is a natural fabric that allows air to move through its fibers, especially in hot weather when people need the thinnest layer of clothing on their skin. As an option for sportswear, it can keep the body cool during an intense hardcore session. Women opt for cotton blends for their gym clothing and pure cotton for summer wear.

There is no smell

Synthetic fabrics cannot absorb sweat, which leads to a foul odor after one wears them once or twice. Cotton does not smell that easily; you can wash it less and wear it more often. It is the only option for those who have sensitive skin and cannot stand synthetic clothing. Furthermore, who doesn’t like the opportunity to skip laundry as much as possible? Women love the idea of a fabric that has durability, is low-maintenance and looks good.

Low maintenance fabric

Whether it is a women’s white embroidered cotton shirt or gym wear, you do not need to worry about its maintenance. Women love wearing cotton because they can wash it easily and quickly if it stains. All it needs is a suitable light detergent and a stain remover. Cotton can also take the washing machine route and still look fresh and newly bought. The best part is that cotton does not require dry cleaning, and they are okay with just hanging outside together to dry. How is that not a lady’s ultimate dream to look great and yet have time on her hands?

The future of cotton fabrics

Cotton keeps on gaining popularity with each passing year. This is because it is one of the most sustainable fabrics to produce worldwide. It is renewable, biodegradable, and virtually the best choice for our planet, where so far, the population hasn’t stopped growing. Cotton fabrics have been shown to reduce gas emissions by 46%. Countries are coming together to fill the supply and demand gaps worldwide since demand has significantly increased. We will continue to see cotton dominating the textile industry and generations finding versatile uses.




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Do Women Still Wear Cotton?

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