Does Marijuana Increase Sexual Desire?

Does Marijuana Increase Sexual Desire? : One common misconception is that smoking marijuana makes you slow. The typical image of a smoker is one of them sitting down, eating sandwiches or snacks, and being too weak to move or even have sex.

However, new research has shattered this myth. Marijuana use is associated with increased sexual frequency, according to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine last year. People who smoked or used marijuana had up to 20% more sex than those who did not.

The study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine demolished stereotypes about cannabis and sexual activity by discovering that marijuana use was associated with increased sexual frequency.

The Stanford University team in California analyzed data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s survey of 28,000 women and 22,000 men. The findings did not support the notion that marijuana reduced libido, implying no link between marijuana use and impaired sexual function.

“Marijuana use appears to have no effect on sexual motivation or performance. If anything, it is linked to a higher frequency of intercourse “According to Michael Eisenberg, the study’s lead author and an assistant professor of urology at Stanford,

He also stated that the study did not establish a causal link between marijuana and sex, implying that smoking marijuana increases your desire for it. However, the results suggest otherwise.

“The general trend we observed applies to people of both sexes and all races, ages, education levels, income groups, religions, and all health statuses, whether married or single, with or without children,” they said.

Another study, published in early 2017, discovered that 68% of women who used cannabis before sex found it more pleasurable.

According to the United Nations World Drug Report, up to 238 million people worldwide may be using cannabis. In the United States, nine states and Washington, DC, have legalized marijuana for recreational use for adults 21 and older, while another 30 have medical marijuana.

Scientific evidence may be more useful than myths about what causes it in the international debate over drug evolution. For example, a study published last year discovered that people who smoke cannabis might be among the most successful, dispelling the myth that smokers are wasting their time.

This is not surprising given that high-profile smokers in the past have included Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, former US President Barack Obama, and Oprah Winfrey.

Cannabis is also increasingly being used for medical purposes, but its regulation is still lagging before You can make real progress.

But, regardless of where you live, you can be fairly certain of one thing: smoking marijuana will most likely not harm your sex drive.

4 ways weeds can help you in the bedroom

There is much debate about whether using marijuana before having sex is good. It has long been assumed that being high will not improve what happens in the bedroom, but research shows otherwise.

Instead, it appears that most users benefit from using marijuana for sex. Here are four ways marijuana improves intimacy:

  1. Enhanced Sexual Desire

    Marijuana’s effect on libido varies from person to person. Of course, this should come as no surprise, given that not everyone experiences a high in the same way.

    There is some evidence that marijuana can increase sexual desire in many adults. For example, in 2011, Michael Castleman, MA, surveyed Psychology Today to determine how marijuana affected his readers’ libido.

    Only 12% reported a decrease in desire while using marijuana, while 67% reported an increase in libido. The remaining respondents stated that dose and load appeared to impact their experience.

    These findings are consistent with other research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2017, which found that 62 percent of female study participants associated marijuana use with increased sex drive.

  2. More frequent sex

    A general population survey reveals that nearly half of adults engage in sexual activity once a week or a few times a month. More frequent sex does not necessarily improve happiness, but people who want to have sex more frequently can experiment with marijuana regularly.

    This is the reason. The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a 2017 study of self-reported marijuana use and sexual frequency. Both men and women who use cannabis daily reported having 20 percent ​​more sex than those who abstain.

  3. Better sex

    As if having more sex and having a stronger desire for sex weren’t enough, weed improves the overall experience. What person wouldn’t want that?

    Female participants in the study above reported having more fun during sex if they used marijuana before getting intimate. More specifically, 68 percent said sex was better while high, and 62 said marijuana provided a more pleasurable orgasm. A smaller percentage reported that cannabis use increased vaginal lubrication.

  4. Lessen anxiety

    Performance pressure can have a negative impact on how both men and women experience sex. Anxiety can either cause or worsen erectile dysfunction.

    An appropriate dose of marijuana can help alleviate anxiety. According to University of Washington research, low-dose marijuana is most effective at relieving anxiety. A high dose, on the other hand, can exacerbate anxiety symptoms. If you want to stay cool in the bedroom, you should gradually reduce your marijuana consumption.

Important notice

Are you thinking about using marijuana for sex?

There are a few things you should be aware of. Before you get high, experiment with different doses and cannabis strains for sex. Overall, starting with a low dose is probably the best option.

Finally, this should go without saying, never dose or pressure your partner to use marijuana before sex without their permission. Consent is non-negotiable when using marijuana in the bedroom, involving all sexual experiences.


Marijuana’s legalization and widespread popularity have been accompanied by numerous health and well-being benefits. Advertisements on the internet, for example, claim that cannabis products increase libido, arousal, and orgasm. There has been little research on the subject.

However, a survey result recently revealed that male and female marijuana users had more sex per month and per day than those who don’t use marijuana. Furthermore, they discovered a correlation between higher levels of marijuana use and increased frequency of intercourse. As a result, men and women across all demographic groups have a positive relationship between marijuana use and sexual frequency.





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Does Marijuana Increase Sexual Desire?