Does Vaping Make You Lose Weight?: The Ultimate Guide

Does Vaping Make You Lose Weight?: The Ultimate Guide
Does Vaping Make You Lose Weight?: The Ultimate Guide

Does Vaping Make You Lose Weight?: Are you overweight, or would you like to shed some pounds? Do you feel you can achieve weight loss through vaping? Or do you belong to the other side of the divide that believes vaping can help you gain weight instead of losing weight?

We shall answer these questions by explaining the science between vaping and weight loss or weight gain. Sounds interesting, right? Great! Hop in, and let us take you on a journey around the vaping world through this ultimate vaping guide.

Can You Lose Weight Through Vaping?

Some Vapers have a misconception that they can associate vaping with weight loss. It’s great to understand the primary concept of vaping. Many vaping beginners were reported to have begun vaping to help them quit their smoking habit.

However, the obvious truth is that vaping isn’t a way of achieving weight loss and should not be used primarily for the sake of losing or gaining weight. But it is one of the side effects of vaping.

Instead, being on a strict diet or staying consistent with physical exercise may be a viable alternative. However, nicotine, one of the ingredients present in vape juice, is an appetite suppressant.

It reduces your appetite and enhances your body’s rate of metabolism. This means that you eat less and also burn more calories.

Can You Use Vaping To Suppress Your Appetite?

One of the side effects associated with vaping is weight reduction. However, some people vape because they want to reduce their appetite or lose weight. It is not uncommon to find those who have stopped smoking adding weight.

The reason is that after an individual quits smoking, the hormones that control appetite slowly begin normalizing. You may notice that you consume more food than you normally do during active smoking.

Aside from appetite reduction, your body’s metabolism rate reduces, leading you to burn fewer calories. Since vaping mimics smoking, its nicotine content reduces appetite and increases metabolism.

However, vaping remains a much safer and healthier alternative than smoking tobacco because, aside from nicotine, smokers may inhale carbon monoxide, tar, and other carcinogenic substances.

What is the Amount of Calories Present in a Vape Juice?

Are there calories present in your e-liquids? The answer is yes, but the number is very minute. The number of calories present in vape juices may vary. It depends on the type of sweetener or the additional ingredients used in preparing the vape juice.

For example, a 10 ml container of vape juice may contain about 30 calories depending on the type of base (Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin) used to enhance its attributes.

When compared with the calorie content present in your everyday snack, e-liquids may be said to contain far fewer calories. It also offers adjustable nicotine hits, which is great if you look forward to quitting smoking.

Does Vaping Break Your Fast?

One of the aims of those who practice a strict dietary routine is to reduce their carbs and other forms of sugar. While vaping may not be a primary alternative for weight loss, it is vital to know if vaping can increase your blood sugar level.

The fact is that vape juices do not contain added sugar or carbohydrates. A reduction in blood sugar levels leads to a reduced level of insulin. Vaping does not activate an insulin response the same way smoking does.

As mentioned earlier, vape juices have a minimal calorie level. Vape juices are not ingested the same way you ingest food. Hence you do not consume energy from carbohydrates required by the body when not fasting. This means that vaping during fasting may not mean that you have broken your fast.

Aside from nicotine, several other studies show that smokers may have other factors contributing to appetite suppression during fasting.

What Does Vaping Flavored E-liquids Have to Do with Weight loss?

Are you trying to quit smoking but worried about craving sweets and gaining weight? Your worry may be justified because your appetite is reduced by the action of the nicotine present in cigarettes. Furthermore, a stick of tobacco may contain a teaspoon of sugar.

Aside from your nicotine addiction to tobacco smoking, you may also have a sweet tooth addiction.

Flavored e-liquids, including cola or grape, may be a way out for those who intend to quit smoking, satisfy their cravings for sweetness and experience the appetite suppressing property of e-liquids.


Are you finding it challenging to quit smoking because you are worried about adding weight? Vaping is a viable and safer alternative. However, vaping shouldn’t be considered the primary means of weight reduction.

Instead, it should be enjoyed for the thrills it offers and as an alternative to smoking. You can purchase your vape device and e-liquid flavor for the best experience.




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Does Vaping Make You Lose Weight?: The Ultimate Guide

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