Exercises for working out but not sweating

Exercises for working out but not sweating : Sometime you intend to work-out but do not do because you fear that your cleaned hairs and make-up may get affected due to sweating to result if you work out even a little.

But it is not so.

There shall be no sweating if you undertake some of the following seven exercises. They can be carried out at any time. How?

Very simple tricks

Exercises for working out but not sweating

1. Sit on your heels

We all know that we will burn more calories if we keep ourselves moving. But it does not imply that a stand still body does not consume any calorie. If you sit on your heels or hold a wall squat just for 30 to 45 seconds, you will make out a different opinion. This period of holding yourself may have sufficient stress over your muscles but without sweat.


2. Have Your Arms and Legs straight.

Normally you get tired soon if you keep a forearm plank for half an hour because our body works to consume more calories when any joint of it is bent, than they are in straight position. But if you straighten your arms and legs to the maximum length or keep your palms on the ground as long as you can, you will have not sweat but your shoulders and core would definitely feel a big workout instead within smaller period.


3. Make exercise without weights and props.

Some people prefer to use weights etc. for working on their balance and core. But it is not always good for the heart. It may increase the breath as well as create sweat too. However, if you undertake the same exercises without using the weights etc., that will have same effect gradually.


4. Change your speed of motion alternatively.

It is really interesting to change your speed of motion when you are on work out. You can take quicker speed if you are working on your big muscles but as you go on working single joints and doing small movements, you should slow down for no sweating. You will rather enjoy by changing the pace of your speed of motion and keeping your heart safer.


5. Relaxing for a while.

The beginners try to continue their work out exercises for longer period whereas those who had been undertaking their work-out for some period do hurriedly as if they are short of time. No, it is not good. Whether you are a beginner or a senior one, you must take a break between different exercises to let your heart rate slow down and then, take another round. This way, either there would be no sweating or it would be much lesser.


6. Work like tortoise.

Whenever you wish to remain dry for the day in spite of your regular work outs, you may drop the weights with slow and controlled motions. Low intensity will definitely give you the same results as high intensity.


7. Evaluate the demand of your own body.

You must carefully evaluate the demand and fitness of your body before undertaking the work-out and deciding the period of each exercise. It can be possible that any day your body may not wish for longer or tougher work out. That day, you may take lighter exercise or for some less time. You will enjoy your work out and that may result into more productivity.


Sometime, you apply pushes and put up challenges to your body to undertake some tough exercises. To avoid the sweating, you may do it but the tough exercises be taken in the last round and avoid shower and make up, preferably in the night. In the routine, you may have a mix of tough and smooth work-outs.

Ultimately, you aim at being active in your life. You can still have it if you undertake the work-outs regularly with the above tips in mind. It shall be enjoyable!


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Exercises for working out but not sweating

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Exercises for working out but not sweating

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