Female Golfing Health Benefits – Why Playing Golf Is the Best

Female Golfing Health Benefits – Why Playing Golf Is the Best : If you’re playing golf regularly, a few times per month, you’re definitely reaping the benefits of golf. Research suggests that playing golf can improve your health. Because it is a mental, social, and physical sport, there is no end to its benefits.

This article talks about the female golfing health benefits. The health benefits of playing golf for women especially when you’re an active golfer.

It can affect the bones, gut health, mood, and heart. Golf is such a versatile and tempting sport. Millions of people play it all around the world. And there’s a lot more than swinging the club to golf.

So if you’re at all interested in finding out about the best health benefits of golf. Then do read what follows next.

Top 4 Golfing Health Benefits

  1. Exposure to Fresh Air & Vitamin D

Exposure to Fresh Air & Vitamin D
Exposure to Fresh Air & Vitamin D. Photo credit: womens-fashion.lovetoknow.com

This is the first thing golf does to your body. It puts you right in the middle of the clean air. A golf course is all green and open. There are no traffic, buildings, and people around. It’s quiet and sun-lit.

Having said that, nobody likes to play golf at night. So you get a fresh dose of vitamin D just by standing on the green. And if you play consistently, the fresh air and vitamin D has a positive effect on your body.

The fresh air is good for your lungs. It’s a mood-lifter as it gets you outdoors. And the vitamin D boosts your immune system and reduces lethargy.

It has mental and physical health benefits!

  1. Improves Heart Health

Golf is considered to be an aerobic activity. So it’s directly related to the benefits of aerobic exercise. The significant benefit is improving heart health. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It lowers blood pressure, regulates proper blood flow, and lowers cholesterol.

Golf also improves high-blood pressure by keeping your arteries free from toxins and clogs. With healthy cholesterol flowing in your arteries, you’re less likely to have bad cholesterol in your blood.

As most of you already know, you need “good” cholesterol in your body. Cardiovascular activities like golf lower the “bad” cholesterol effectively.

This health benefit comes from not swinging your golf club but from walking. If you play golf a few times per week and 18 holes per play. The amount of steps you take is phenomenal and aids heart health.

  1. Manages Stress

Playing Golf helps Managing Stress
Playing Golf helps Managing Stress. Photo credit: golfinprogress.com

We have already established that there is nothing better than light therapy to improve mood. But this not possible unless you apply yourself (mentally) to the sport. You won’t feel exhausted and relieved after standing on the course for a couple of hours.

Participating in golf means moving from one hole to the next. The various techniques of golf are plenty to keep your mind occupied. You only have to read women’s golf tips to know how demanding a sport golfing is.

Stress, anxiety, gloominess, lethargy, or even lack of sleep. Playing golf consistently can help manage all of these symptoms. Whether you have a chronic condition or an underlying disease, golf can always help.

  1. Weight Loss

Ladies, you are in for a surprise if you golf 3-5 times per week. What’s the one thing you do the most while playing golf? Walk, right? To play one round of golf, it takes approximately 4 hours. Although this depends on your golf skills and the number of people in your golf.

This means you’re on your feet for 4 hours per round. Research suggests that taking 10,000 steps per day is good for weight loss. It burns calories and increases stamina. If you avoid taking a buggy, you can burn more calories throughout the day.


Even though golf is a low-impact sport, it’s very beneficial. If you practice golf consistently, it can be a great full-body workout for you. Helping you improve your stamina, lose weight, manage stress, and aid overall health and well-being.

Low-impact means that it’s easy on your joints. So if you have arthritis or chronic pain, playing golf is easy and reduces pain or discomfort. Golf is quite a social sport too. It demands that you interact with others – friends, colleagues, or strangers.

In fact, if you don’t know already, lots of business deals have been made because of golf. So if your client can also become your golfing buddy. Increasing your chances of cracking and deal and making progress. If that isn’t a benefit also, then I don’t know what is.





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