Follow These Rules to be a Successful Male Stripper

Follow These Rules to be a Successful Male Stripper
Follow These Rules to be a Successful Male Stripper

Follow These Rules to be a Successful Male Stripper : Male strippers are people who earn money embodying the fantasies of their clients. Today, there have been a lot of male strippers out there, and if you want to be successful in this industry, there are some rules you need to follow.

After thorough research, we were able to gather enough information to educate you on the rules to follow to become a successful stripper. If you adhere to the rules in this post, you will succeed and find yourself in demand from repeat clients, agents, and get referrals. Now, let’s get started.

  1. Stay in shape and be well-groomed

    Though this is obvious, you’d be surprised at how some male strippers don’t feel the need to be well-groomed and stay in shape. Ladies are usually neat and tidy, and they expect the same from their stripper. So, you need to do what will make you more appealing down there and other areas such as your arms, back, etc.

    In addition, if you are going to be a successful male stripper, you also need to stay in shape all year. It’s no good shredding down for a photoshoot or competition only to gain more pounds right after. Learn from the best Hens party strippers Sydney that keep themselves in the best shape always.

  2. Your personality is very important

    As a male stripper, your personality is almost as important as your body. Successful male strippers get a significant amount of social interaction, and it is easy to get instant feedback because it is based on how much money you get. So, if you are not doing something right, it will reflect in the amount of money you make.

  3. Have an incredible strip routine

    An incredible strip shows usually revolve around an amazing routine. Simply grinding on a lady for several minutes to a song is not consider a strip show. However, there is no one size fits all approach because we all have different personalities, and this must be taken into consideration when designing your strip routine. You need to make sure it plays to your strengths. For instance, some male strippers are acrobatic, some are funny, while some can be naughty.

    However, a strip with a little bit of everything like sexiness, playfulness, a bit of humor, plus teasing is what girls want. You don’t need to have an extremely polished strip routine, but if it has most of those elements, you can’t go wrong. If you are looking for ideas, watch as many strips shows and male strip routines as you can on Instagram and YouTube.

  4. Remain friendly no matter what

    Always remember that you will be offering a service mostly to ladies that have had enough to drink. If you are someone that can’t take a joke, is offended easily, gets angry or upset if interrupted or when things don’t go exactly to plan, this job might not be for you. As a stripper, you must be flexible and flow with the tides. Ladies expect a lot, especially drunk girls. So, always try your best to handle anything they throw at you professionally.

    For instance, some of the girls will try to take your discarded custom, grab you, some will heckle you, some will even be every rude, etc. you need to know how to deal with those situations. Also, remember that you cannot please everyone all the time, and you will come across girls that are impossible to please or get going, do not let it get to you – just remain nice and do your best.

  5. Acknowledge the company that sent you

    In the cases, you are sent to perform by an agency, always ensure you let those at the party know which company sent you. It is a big temptation to take all the credit, but don’t be tempted to leave a different agent or your business cards. If you do, and the agent that sent you to find out, they will drop you.

    Moreover, they could tell other companies to be wary of you. This industry is relatively small, and it could ruin you. Honesty is always the best policy!

  6. Don’t rush

    One of the things that separate the good male strippers from the bad ones is their ability to offer a thorough performance irrespective of how pressed for time they might be. You should treat every single show you have with equal attention and respect.


You should know the amount of time you need for each show from arrival to packing up your things, so you don’t have an excuse for hastening your customers along. The only time you can cut a show short is if the client has somewhere else to be, and you are probably late. And make sure you offer a discount on the standard show price.





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Follow These Rules to be a Successful Male Stripper

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