Golden Rules for Woman Who Want To Stay Fit

Golden Rules for Woman Who Want To Stay Fit
Golden Rules for Woman Who Want To Stay Fit

Golden Rules for Woman Who Want To Stay Fit : There are certain basic rules that all women need to know about keeping fit and healthy. Health and fitness go hand in hand. Fitness is not about attaining a perfect figure.

A healthy woman has a layer of subcutaneous fat under the skin. It makes her look slightly rounded and soft. Distance running, road biking, yoga, weightlifting, Pilates, spin. In the process of staying fit, a woman often makes several mistakes such as eating less, not exercising frequently, not drinking enough water, and expecting the instant result. Therefore it is essential to eat well and exercise to say fit for a long time.

One element that no one can run away from is the aging process. Fitness is an archaic process, which requires the investment of blood, sweets, and tears. You cannot just sit at home, eat less, do nothing and expect to look your best. It is essential to concentrate on having a balanced diet comprising all the nutrients and compliment it with regular workouts by making exercise a fun activity rather than a boring task. Fitness is a long and tedious process, especially for a woman who has to deal with weight loss.

Being physically active is one of the most important steps you can take to get and say healthy. Women of all age’s abilities benefit from getting active. Everyone should try to be active for at least 30 minutes every day. Physical activity or exercise will help you feel better and healthy.

Don’t Skip the Warm-Up

Warm-ups are a too often overlooked part of the fitness equation. While they won’t necessarily lead to gain or end in record-breaking numbers. Warm-ups prevent injury. By steadily increasing your heart rate and loosening your joints. Warm-ups prepare your body for the activity that’s about to come. Warm-ups also help to enhance performance by increasing the blood flow and oxygen to the muscles.

Make sure that your warm-up is dynamic, they engage and activate the muscle groups you’ll use during your workout. As opposed to a static hold dynamic stretching to improve body awareness, range of motion, and even muscular performance.

It can translate to gain during the lifting portion of your workout. A general recommendation is, to begin with, low-intensity aerobic activity such as running, cycling, and swimming. Easing your body within 10-20 minutes of warm-up. Don’t treat your body like a race car and expect it to go from sitting at your desk all day to powering through squats or flying down the road on your bike within minutes. The proper warm-up is very important at any age, as we get older.

Blood flow and blood perfusion of tissue like tendons and muscles decrease with age. Give your body ample time to ease into an activity and loosen up by starting every workout with some light cardiovascular exercise, mobility work, and stretching.

Drink Water

Your heart and brain are nearly 75% of water, your lungs nearly 85% of water. The human body is total about 60% of water. When it comes to your fitness, water is your friend. Staying hydrated leads to healthy physical and mental functioning. Drinking lots of water during the day is also key to keeping yourself fit from inside and outside.

To avoid dehydration, it is best to carry a water bottle as a reminder. About four pints of water a day are needed by every woman. Water flushes out the body and ensures clean skin.

Water also helps to stop your snacking. To avoid dehydration you should drink water 6 to 7 liter of water a day, and drink water before, after the workout. Hydrating yourself is also crucial to weight loss and maintenance because it not only reducing the feeling of hunger but also helps you eat less during mealtime. A human being can survive several days without food but will die within three days of not drinking water.

Replace Junk Food with Healthy Snacking

Food is a must for the body, therefore to keep the body healthy is to avoid junk food as much as possible. Eating fatty food everyday can cause great damage to the immune system. Once you switch healthy snacks rich in portions, fats, minerals, and fiber, it will help in staying fit for a long time.

You will be intrigued to know, fitness experts do allow people to cheat meals once while in a while, but this doesn’t mean you start observing such a day every few days up. Diet is most important for a woman.

It is always necessary to eat a well-balanced diet. You want to eat as close to a natural food diet as possible. That means a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, meat, fish, poultry, low-fat dairy products, and lots of nuts.

Woman, in general, need lots of calcium to build healthy bones and teeth to keep them strong as your age. Good source of calcium includes dairy products, grains, leafy green vegetable, tofu, and cabbage. Protein is a major building block for muscles, and it’s important to consume protein post-workout to ease your recovery.

Low-Intensity Exercise

Breathing easily, warming up but not yet sweating. It includes

  • Casual walking
  • Stretching
  • Tai chi

Moderate Intensity Exercise

You’re working, breathing faster, and started to sweat more. It includes

  • Brisk walking
  • Water aerobic
  • Riding a bike on level ground
  • Doubles tennis
  • Weight training
  • volleyball
  • skate boating

Vigorous Intensity Exercise

Really working, breathing hard, and sweating hard. It includes

  • Jogging and running
  • Swimming fast
  • Skipping rope
  • Soccer
  • Aerobics
  • Gymnastics
  • Singles tennis

Sleep Well

Sleep is one of the best things, a woman can get with all the busy schedules, cooking, and running around they do. For a productive day at home, or work, or even at the gym, you must get a good night’s sleep. While 8 hours can be a luxury, but a minimum of 6-7 hours is vital. Lack of sleep typically results in poor memory, feeling low energy, drowsy, and irritability, and even changes your personality.

Flexibility and Balance

Flexibility changes the ability of your body joints to move freely through a full range of motion. Balance maintains stability, whether you’re moving around.

Good Flexibility Exercise includes

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Stationary stretches

Exercise is vital to a fit woman. It is never to start the late exercise. Nor is a woman ever too old to exercise. Regular exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy weight, more women than men suffer from senile dementia because they tend to live longer. Woman’s health and fitness are the two most important aspects of life for ladies everywhere. Don’t worry about the cost, you can always look for fitness coupons and save money.



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Golden Rules for Woman Who Want To Stay Fit

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