Happy People Never Do

Happiness is something you can get in spite of the circumstances. They say you don’t need to do anything to be happy, just be it. However, some people just need to learn how to be happy. And it is up to you what you need to for it, for someone it is a family that makes them happy, while for others a good book and a cup of chocolate are happy things. Here are a few things that happy people never do. Maybe you will become a happier person if you avoid doing these things too.

1. They never avoid problems

Avoiding problems has never helped to solve them. It may be very difficult sometimes to stand tall and face your problems. But if you get yourself together and try to look for a solution, you might just find that solving a problem is way much easier than be haunted by it all the time. Try to find an effective solution to you problem and you will see it vanish in thin air.

2. They’re never concerned about other people’s business

When you do things you like without looking at others you feel free and contented. But try to compare yourself with others and you will see black spots on your happiness. So it is way easier to mind your own business and do the things that make you happy. The negative way of thinking has never helped anyone to keep peace of mind. You need to listen to yourself and be what you want to be, and you will feel happier, I promise.

3. They don’t let others be the center of their happiness

Have you ever noticed that you don’t need others’ permission to be happy? Your happiness is only yours and you can be happy if you choose to in spite of opinion of others. If you are responsible for what you feel no one can affect your happiness. Even if some things are going not that perfect as you want them to, you can always find something good in life.

4. They never stay with negative people

It is very important not to stay in negative environment, but sometimes you just can’t help it. Perhaps you have such an environment at work and you don’t have the opportunity to quit since you need money. But there are things that you can change. If you don’t want negative environment to affect you, affect it yourself! I’m sure you can think of some little things that can help you not to lose your positive attitude. You can bring some trifles that can make you feel better to your working place, or a photo of someone you love. And do smile! One tiny smile from you can change everything, and one day, perhaps, you will see negative environment turning into a positive.

5. They forgive and forget

Stop carrying resentment around. Any of us can get hurt from time to time, but if you find it difficult to forgive and forget, the burden of dudgeon can break your back one day. You should not let you past affect you. You’ll see how free you will feel when you learn to forgive. Let go of the past, look into your future with hope and it will make it brighter.

6. They don’t take things personally

Some people just can’t stand being criticized, they take it too personally. It doesn’t matter if you are praised or criticized, you can make use of any information. Listen to what people tell you, don’t take it personally, and you will be able to turn this information to your own good. Use it as a feedback!

7. They never avenge

Happy people never try to avenge, they know that it will not bring them happiness. You may be deeply hurt, but don’t let yourself spoil your future with guilt by taking revenge. You may feel satisfaction, but just for a moment; memory of your revenge and understanding that you are the same as the one who hurt you can affect your life for long. Try to forgive and move forward.

In order to be happy we need to focus only on positive things and ignore all the negative ones. This is the only way to be happy, as far as I know. You can create your happiness yourself, and as Jim Rohn once said “Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design into the present.”

Do you know any other things happy people never do? Help others to become happy, share your knowledge, please.


Happy People Never Do