Health Issues You Face When You Stay In AC For A Long Time

Health Issues You Face When You Stay In AC For A Long Time
Health Issues You Face When You Stay In AC For A Long Time

Health Issues You Face When You Stay In AC For A Long Time : Staying indoors in the humid weather asks for the use of air conditioners (AC). However, do you people know that there are risks involved in air-conditioned spaces? An AC can actually trigger a range of illnesses.

According to the experts, here are a few types of diseases that can strike those who stay in rooms with AC for too long. For more do visit

  1. Dry Eyes

    I myself used to think that dryness in the eyes is caused by using the mobile for long hours and reduced the use of it but even then there isn’t much difference. Later on I understood that it is because of the long working hours in the AC. Being in a busy world, we are just habituated to the comfort of staying in the AC even when the weather outside is normal. Anyhow, as the long office hours in AC cannot be avoided, atleast make yourself comfortable in your house with the normal weather. Try to avoid the AC at your house as much as possible unless the weather is not supportive.

  2. Lung Diseases

    Prolonged use of AC’s can cause lung diseases. These air conditioners can change the temperature suddenly which can interrupt one’s breathing and respiration. Air conditioning can intensify the conditions in individuals who have asthma or sensitivities. Improper maintenance and unclean AC’s trigger asthma attacks and hypersensitivities. So ensure you clean it or handover it to the standard service centers.

  3. Dry Skin

    Dry skin is a common consequence of staying in AC for too long. Remember long exposure to either cold or hot weather for too long makes the skin dry and causes skin problems. This reduces the moisture levels in the skin. Use moisture rich lotions with Shea Butter as the prime ingredient rather than the creams to enrich the skin wherever you feel it is necessary. Lotions are water based which develop moisture in the skin. Creams can be applied after the application of the lotions – as creams are oil based and help to lock in the moisture.

  4. Dehydration

    Dehydration rate is comparatively high in the air conditioned rooms than the normal rooms. In case the AC absorbs too much humidity from the room, you will end up feeling dehydrated. Dehydration can make you feel lethargic. Do not wait to feel thirsty, drink water at constant intervals even when you don’t feel thirsty – if you are in the AC room. Set reminders if needed. Constantly sipping water provides enough hydration to the skin. But make sure you don’t drink water at least a half an hour before and after your meal, this inhibits the digestion process

  5. Headache

    The habit of not drinking water because the weather is chill, should be discontinued, as dehydration causes migraines and headaches . Dehydration is a trigger to the migraine which is often overlooked. When you step out of the AC all of a sudden and experience the heat outside, there are chances that you might get a headache. Also understand that you are more prone to migraines and headaches due to the improperly maintained and unclean AC rooms. So clean your surroundings and stay safe.



Fresh air and sunlight shower numerous benefits on the well being of a person. Unlike the air conditioned rooms, fresh air cleans the lungs and improves the oxygen levels in the blood. Fresh air allows you to have a calm mind thus helps in reducing one’s anxiety levels. Natural air helps in lowering the blood pressure. Whenever you feel stressed, tired or lethargic, step out for a while to feel the goodness of the natural air. Last but not the least drink lots of water and experience the fresh air given by nature at least for some time every day.



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Health Issues You Face When You Stay In AC For A Long Time

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