Healthy Foods That Fight Gas

It’s a nutrition catch 22: A lot of healthy foods are packed with fiber (good), but that fiber can leave you feeling bloated and gassy (not so good). Luckily, you don’t have to make a beeline for the Beano every time you chow down on greens. We chatted with Keri Gans, R.D., author of The Small Change Diet, about the top foods that are great to eat as a snack or for your next meal if you’re feeling gassy. Munch on these, and your gurgly stomach will thank you.

Grilled Chicken
“It has a lot of protein, which doesn’t take a lot of work for your system to digest,” says Gans. “Plus, it doesn’t have much fiber, so you won’t feel gassy—just comfortable.” Just be sure to skip the extras. “As long as you don’t deck it out in fancy sauce or have it fried, which could make your stomach more upset than it already is, you’re good.”

“Oh man, I just had two scrambled eggs, and I’m sooo bloated,” said no one, ever. That’s because eggs are very gentle on your stomach. “They’re easy and can help soothe a gassy stomach because they have protein,” says Gans. One thing: If you’re ordering them at some greasy-spoon diner rather than whipping some up at home, it’s best to get poached eggs or hardboiled eggs instead. “That way, you know there’s no added fat from extra butter or oil,” says Gans. “Too much fat can be hard on your stomach.” Similarly, watch the veggies, hot sauce, and cheese. “Normally, I don’t recommendnot eating veggies. But if your stomach is upset, it’s better to stick with the basics.”

Baked Potato
In this case, it’s not so much what you’re eating as what you’re not eating: fat. “Baked potatoes have hardly any fat, so they’re super-easy to digest,” says Gans. “They’re very soothing because they don’t take a lot of work for your body to break down.” Top with some mustard or mild salsa or hummus, and your stomach will feel so much more settled.

Water Crackers
“There’s basically nothing in them, which means they’re really gentle and will help sooth a gurgly stomach,” says Gans.  Don’t look for varieties with a lot of spices, though, like rosemary—just opt for the plain kind. And again, watch what you’re putting on them (skip the spicy condiments for sure).



Healthy Foods That Fight Gas