Healthy Foods for Toddlers

Healthy Foods for Toddlers : Every mom has to know a few easy prep and nutritious foods for a toddler! As most toddlers are picky eaters, it can help to have a variety of foods so your child has a lot of choices. In fact, toddlers can eat almost any food if it’s cooked properly and cut up into small pieces. Check out a few healthy foods for your toddler!

Healthy Foods for Toddlers

1. Cooked vegetables


While many raw vegetables are easy for toddlers to choke on, cooked vegetablesare soft so they can be eaten with much more ease! Just take carrots, peas, green beans, or/and corn, and boil or sauté them until it’s soft enough. Cut them up and feed them your toddler!


2. Fruits


Fruits are one of the healthiest, yummiest and easiest foods for toddlers! Many fruits are sweet and easy to chew and that’s why almost every child loves eating fruits. Fruits are very easy to digest. But be sure to cut fruit up into small pieces, especially grapes.


3. Cheese


Most children like cheese, so you can choose block cheese or string cheese. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to cut it into very small pieces. Make sure you don’t feed your toddler cheese every single day, since too much cheese can cause constipation!


4. Hard-boiled eggs


A hard-boiled egg is a good food for your toddler because it is packed with protein! For easy reach you can keep a few hard-boiled eggs ready in the fridge. But I recommend you to hard boil fresh eggs. Cut them into quarters for your child to chew easily.


5. Cubed chicken


If you’re feeding your tot meat, cubed chicken is a good meat option. Just make sure you cook it thoroughly and cube small enough for your little tot. I also sprinkle cheese over the chicken. However, avoid using too many spices, because toddler’s stomach digests bland food easier.


6. Noodles


Noodles are filling and really easy to make! Try to get whole-wheat noodles, which are very nutritious meal! I usually buy a thicker noodle, since it’s easier for my tot’s hands to pick up. And don’t buy too long noodle because it can get stuck in your tot’s throat.


7. Cereal


Cereal is another healthy food for your toddler! Choose cereal that is not sweet or sugary, but is yummy and nutritious and big enough to pick up, yet small enough to minimize choking hazards.


8. Animal crackers


Children like candy and sweet stuff, but we cannot feed our toddlers too many candies and cakes. I always give my daughter animal crackers instead! They are sweet and not so sweet at the same time. Moreover, all toddlers like the animal shapes! Plus, animal crackers are great on-the-go snacks so you can easily tuck them in your diaper bag!

Do you have a small toddler? What foods do you feed her or him? Share your thoughts, please!


Healthy Foods for Toddlers