Heart Health And Good Sex, What’s The Relationship?

Heart Health And Good Sex, What’s The Relationship? Has it ever occurred to you that the answer to most of your health and relationship problems lies between your sheets? That’s right: From improved sleep, reduced risk of prostate cancer, to boosted moods, and most importantly, a lowered risk of heart diseases- all of these has a common answer—a good sex life.

Of course, most people would avoid having discussions about sex. But the good thing is, lately there has been an increased debate about sex and sex education. From television and radio talks or shows, music themes, and every conversation of a sex-active teenager would revolve around sex. Sure, some discussion might be of the unfortunate situations like rape and violation. However, most discussions that touch on quality health would spike the need for good quality sex.

In this article, we’ve discussed how a good sex life would impact your heart health.

But first, let’s find out some of the healthy side effects having good sex and how they’re related to healthy heart life.

The general importance of sex and how they impact your heart health.

If you’re wondering whether sex is suitable for your general health, then you must read along to get the right insights.

Here are some benefits you stand to gain from good sex.

  1. Sex ensures better sleep.

    It’s easy to deny any relationship between sleep and sex. But for real, sex improves your sleep.Here is how:

    During sex and after orgasm, your body would release oxytocin and prolactin hormones known for pleasant and relaxing feelings. These hormones initiate sleep, and in most cases, you would hear women complain their male partners quickly nods off after sex.

    So, how does better sleep impact your heart health?

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions, adults who sleep for fewer hours are most likely to have health problems such as high blood pressure, obesity, depression, asthma, heart attack, and stroke, all of which raise their risk of heart disease.

    Let’s take an example of:

    High blood pressure

    High blood pressure is a condition that arises when the heart pumps blood through the arteries, and the blood exerts pressure on the artery walls. In other words, its blood pressure is higher than usual. And the higher your blood pressure is the higher risks of heart problems like stroke and heart attack.

    It develops over time, and it mainly occurs due to unhealthy life choices like inadequate physical activities, health conditions like obesity, diabetes and lack of enough sleep.

    The less hours you sleep, the higher the risk of your blood pressure. How’s that?

    During your regular sleep, your blood pressure always goes down, and the opposite is true. Meaning, not getting enough sleep would increase your chances of heart problems or worsen your blood pressure if you already have the condition.

    Remember, high blood pressure is amongst the leading risk factors for heart diseases. Therefore, you should often have sex to ensure your better sleep. This reduces heart risk conditions like high blood pressure and obesity that threaten your heart health.

  2. Sex relieves stress

    Have you ever thought that sex can be used as a stress reliever? Of course, most research identifies stress as an accomplice to low libido. However, there are also several links between sex to stress and heart problems.
    Sex reduces stress and boosts your mood.

    The Arizona State University study of sex amongst middle-aged women indicates that sex and physical affection reduce stress while increasing and improving mood. And amongst women sampled had higher positive attitudes the next day.

    Also, the chances are high that you’d nod off faster after having good sex because sex reduces cortisol level a hormone related to stress.

    Now, here is why sex is good for your heart.

    During sex, your body would release endorphins and oxytocin-the feel-good hormones that create relaxation and intimacy feelings, thus stave off stress, anxiety, or depression.

    In other words, sex helps you take your mind off daily stressful worries. If the anxieties and fears are not controlled, then your chances of heart-related problems are high.

    How’s that? I believe you have encountered side effects of stress, whether physical, emotional, and behavioral. Add this to your knowledge: Chronic stress increases cardiovascular disease, may lead to high blood pressure, all of which poses a risk for heart attack and stroke.

  3. Sex is a form of exercise.

    You must know that your heart is full of muscle that requires some exercises to get moving, and sex counts as an exercise. Besides, having regular exercise would lessen your chances of heart complications.
    According to most studies and websites like the American Heart Association’s Scientific Statements on sex and heart diseases- sex is safe for those who can exercise. The studies also suggest that sexually active people are less likely to have heart conditions such as heart attack.

    So how does exercise help your heart health?

    During sex, your body uses various muscles, and exercising makes your heart muscle stronger to pump your heart rate and improve your blood circulation.

    Also, exercising is a form of weight loss which is a risk factor for heart problems. When you’re overweight, it means your body has too many fats or bad cholesterol that would increase your heart conditions. Therefore, sex counts as an exercise to help reduce heart-related problems like high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke.


Good sex life is key to your healthy heart life as it counts as an exercise to help reduce your weight and make your muscles stronger to lessen your chances of heart complications. Also, sex reduces your stress level to keep your mind off anxiety and depression feelings that risk heart attack and stroke. Lastly, good sex would help improve your sleep and lower your blood pressure, thus a healthy heart life.






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Heart Health And Good Sex, What’s The Relationship?

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