Keep Your Heart Healthy

For keeping your heart healthy, you may undertake exercise 30 min most days of the week with a moderate-intensity activity (e.g. brisk walk) and 60-90 min daily for weight control. Keep Your Heart Healthy

(Check with your healthcare practitioner before starting any exercise program). Aim for at least 30 minutes a day or two 15-minute periods of exercise. Maximize health benefits by making exercise a part of your daily routine and Do warms-up and cool-down exercises to help prevent muscle injury. Further, you may take a wide variety of foods in moderation Use the Nutrition Facts Label as an aid for healthful choices. Limit total fat. Limit saturated fat. Avoid hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils -known as trans-fat (read the ingredients section).

Replace unhealthy fats with healthy monounsaturated fats like olive, canola and peanut oils. Eat at least two fish meals a week. Cold water fish contain health omega-3 oils. Drink 4-6 glasses of water a day. Maintain a healthy weight. Don’t crash diet.

Stress is a normal part of life how you deal with it can have an affect on your heart. Schedule time to do the things that give you pleasure.
Devote an hour a day to relax. Take a walk, do yoga stretches. Try needlepoint…any activity that promotes relaxation. Practice meditation to help control reactions to stress. Get sound sleep. Allow others to help with daily chores.

Since Intimacy, trust and feeling supported are ingredients of a healthy relationship, share your feelings with a trusted loved one. Learn to communicate effectively to get what you need. Seek counseling or support groups if you have difficulty relating to others.

You may consider the above and take action as you desire – but keep yourself happy – be happy.