How To Find The Best Facelift Surgeon

How To Find The Best Facelift Surgeon

How To Find The Best Facelift Surgeon : The number of individuals who are having plastic surgery is on the rise. In fact, according to research, there are more than 17 million cosmetic procedures performed each year. Of these procedures, one of the most popular is facelifts. It’s known to tighten sagging skin, remove excess fat, and leave you with an appearance that is rejuvenated and youthful.

However, how does one go about finding the best facelift surgeon? If you’re interested in getting a facelift, here are a few things that you should do when making your final decision.

  1. Get Recommendations from People Who Are Close to You

    When it comes to choosing a qualified surgeon, there’s hardly anything better than talking to those in your immediate circle. Speak with family members, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances and find out if there’s someone they can recommend. The best thing about consulting people who are close to you is that they can give you a detailed account of their experience–from their first consultation to the recovery process.

  2. Read Reviews

    Don’t stop with those in your immediate circle; you should also search for online reviews. Sign up for a few forums. Take a look at the comments on the surgeon’s social media platforms. Check out the Instagram pages of previous clients and notice the progression pictures. Are you impressed with the results? Does the patient seem happy with how the procedure went? Do they recommend this individual?

    However, when considering reviews, make sure that you’re objective. While forums and social media platforms can be a great resource, there’s also a lot of misinformation. Also, view the before and after images with a critical eye. Make sure that the lighting is as similar as possible in each picture so that you know that these images are an honest reflection of the surgeon’s work.

  3. Research their Qualifications

    Keep in mind that not all plastic surgeons are the same and some specialize in specific areas. Before choosing a surgeon it’s essential that you’re familiar with their qualifications. Specifically, you need to be on the lookout for candidates who are well-trained in the area of facelifts. Most importantly, they should have board certification. Dr. Andrew Jacono, leading expert in facelift surgery in NYC, is one facial plastic surgeon that meets such criterion, with Dual Board-Certification in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, as well as being part of the AAFPRS (Americal Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery).

  4. Ask Questions at Consultations

    One of the most important parts of finding the best facelift surgeons is asking the right questions. Make sure that you prepare a list of questions for your consultation. Your consultation should be treated similar to a job interview. The key is to make sure that you and the surgeon have the same vision and are on the same page.

    Ask to see photos of their past work. Find out how much experience they have in performing facelifts. Let them know about your specific goals and pay attention to how attentively they listen and whether or not they seem to understand your objectives. It’s also a good idea to clarify the expense as this will ensure that there are no surprises. Do they offer financing options?

    This is also a great opportunity to observe whether or not this individual is polite and helpful. As a patient, you need to search for someone who has a good bedside manner. Does this individual seem rushed or do they pressure you to undergo a specific procedure? If so, consider this as a red flag. Not only should he or she be patient when answering your questions, but they should ask you lots of questions as well.

  5. Inviting Environment

    One of the most important parts of finding the best surgeon is paying attention to their office. It’s important that you feel comfortable about where your procedure is performed and the office environment can be a huge indication of how attentive the practice is. Ideally, you need to work with someone who has a friendly staff and a clean facility.

  6. Hospital Affiliation

    It’s important to know whether or not your surgeon is affiliated with a hospital. If he or she doesn’t have hospital privileges and can only perform the procedure in their office, then you should consider this to be another red flag. Facelifts are regarded as safe, routine surgeries. However, you need to know that should things go wrong and you experience complications that your surgeon has access to a hospital. This is a safety precaution that shouldn’t be ignored.

  7. Go with Your Gut

    If you want to ensure that a surgeon is right for you, it’s crucial that you rely on your gut feeling. If at any point you feel extremely uncomfortable with a surgeon, even if you can’t understand why it’s likely that you should continue your search. You’ll likely be spending a lot of time with your surgeon and it’s important that you feel as if you have a connection. Your personalities should match well enough that you feel a sense of trust. Of course, you want to work with someone professional, but that doesn’t mean that they should lose the human touch.



Admittedly, it can sometimes be difficult to find the best surgeon for you. There are a lot of doctors who claim to be skilled at their jobs. However, if you want to ensure that you get the best results, it’s essential that you do your homework on the front end. Mark a. Chin, MD is one of the most well-known plastic surgeons for facelift in Fresno, CA so if you live around the area we highly recommend you to contact them.

This means that you need to get recommendations from people you trust. Read the online reviews and find out how past patients feel about their results. Make sure they have all of the proper qualifications and credentials. Have a list of questions prepared for your consultation. Take note of their working environment. Make sure that they have access to the hospital. Also, go with your gut.






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