How to Relax: A Brief Guide to Daily De-stressing

How to Relax: A Brief Guide to Daily De-stressing : Did you know that stress can affect you emotionally, cognitively, behaviorally, and physically? It’s no wonder you feel so awful when you’re under a large amount of stress.

If you’ve had a heavy day and you think to yourself, “I can’t relax”, what can you do to shake off the anxiety and break free from the stress cycle? From breathing techniques to yoga and meditation, this post will give you concrete ideas for how to relax.

Take a deep breath, unclench your jaw, and read easy!

  1. Just Breathe

    If you’re looking for how to relax after work, one of the easiest relaxation tips is to reconnect with your breath. When your day is “go, go, go”, taking time to focus on breathing can slow your heart rate and help your stress melt away.

    Lay down, breathe in with a slow count of three, hold your breath for a count of three, then breathe out for a count of three.

  2. Tease Out the Tension

    Releasing the physical tension in your body can help when you don’t know how to destress. Lay down and, one body part at a time, tense all the muscles in that area. As you release those muscles, you may feel the tight body sensations ease away as relaxation replaces them.

  3. Unload It!

    Sometimes getting your worries off your chest can help you feel lighter and calmer. Turn to a trusted friend or a trusty journal and take some time to unload how you’re feeling.

    In this space, you don’t even need to solve anything. The simple act of slowing your brain down enough to put something into words can help slough off your stress.

  4. Get Outside

    Taking a quick walk, whether you live in a rural community or the middle of an urban epicenter, can help you leave your troubles behind. A change of scenery may be just what you need when looking to destress.

  5. Pamper Yourself

    One of the most luxurious relaxation ideas is to pamper yourself with spa day gift sets. Who says you need a reason to treat yourself?

    Light a candle, take a bath or rub some lotion on your feet. Whether it’s a facial or a fizzy bath bomb, doing something nice for yourself is always a good idea.

  6. Organize Something

    Sometimes stress arises as a response to chaos or feeling out of control. Respond to that feeling by focusing on something you can control. The sense of accomplishment you’ll get from organizing your junk drawer or straightening up your vanity can reduce stress levels.

Apply These “How to Relax” Tips

The next time you’re wondering how to relax, keep these ideas in the back of your mind. Remember, you have a 100% success rate for getting through hard times. You can make it through whatever tough scenario you’re facing and come out stronger on the other side.

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How to Relax: A Brief Guide to Daily De-stressing

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