International Women’s Day: Give yourself a break, Superwoman!

International Women’s Day: Give yourself a break, Superwoman!
International Women’s Day: Give yourself a break, Superwoman!

March 8 is International Women’s Day.

You’ve been running in routine every day of your life from the time you remember. Many of your peers think you’re handling it all way too well. There are many who ask you tricks to get done with their daily chores. The word ‘NO’ is something you are not familiar with. Apart from this, you play the roles of the wife, mother, daughter, sister, daughter-in-law, friend and colleague to the T. Everyone who knows you thinks you’re a superwoman.

International Women’s Day

Dear Superwoman, everyone, even you, needs to take it a little easy once in a while. Or you are definitely heading towards burnout. Slow down a bit and learn how you can recharge your batteries.

Give yourself some ‘ME’ time

That is step one. You are so used to doing things for others that you have forgotten about what you want. Taking time out for yourself doesn’t make you a bad or selfish person. On the contrary, you will be able to focus better – on your tasks as well as on your relationships.

Here’s how to best utilise the ‘ME’ time:

  • Meditate: Be still, for a change. Instead of doing a hundred things, take some time out for reflection and introspection. Watch the clouds move across the sky or the rain pattering against your window, inner peace is what you will attain with the simplest things in life.
  • Treat yourself right: Indulge in some pampering. Go to the nearest salon, get a hair spa or foot spa done or let those professional masseuses knead out the knots from your tired muscles. As a do-it-yourself option, draw yourself a hot bath with those scented oils and salts and soak your bones in it with scented candles relaxing your senses.
  • Work out: Any physical form of exercise will help you get those endorphins up and running. You can choose between a local gym, an aerobics class or jazz it up by learning a dance form! Salsa, jive, tango, pole dancing – there’s so much to choose from! Remember to eat right. Skipping meals is not an option for self-preservation.
  • Party: Girlfriends are a blessing to have. Round up your close buddies and go out regularly. Gear up in your best and catch up with all that has been happening! I’m sure your husband won’t mind watching the kids while you are out painting the town red with your BFFs. It is, after all, for the greater good!
  • Go shopping: What better way to unwind than to buy you some pretty goodies! Go invest in a good pair of shoes or bag. Freak out on the new arrivals. Keeping a budget in mind would help. Though window shopping is just as much fun and doesn’t cost a penny!
  • Pick a hobby: Find something you are passionate about and pursue it with vigour. Like painting or photography or stitching or pottery or astronomy. You may have many talents that you are still unaware of!
  • Date yourself: It is perfectly okay to enjoy a movie and a dinner all by yourself. Read a book while sipping coffee. Go to that art exhibition or museum or drive around aimlessly. You don’t always require company to go out.

You are your best friend. Take care of yourself. It will equip you better to take care of your loved ones and your situations. So go on, give this a try! Your world will still be standing when you get back to it. Waiting for you to work your miracles on it!



International Women’s Day: Give yourself a break, Superwoman!