Making Your Curls Last Longer

Looking for some tried and true ways to get your curls last all day or night long? You spend a few hours curling your hair and you don’t want it to go limp the second you step outdoors. It can really dampen the whole day if you have your curls fall apart because you spend hours trying to make the perfect curls and avoid burning yourself with a curling iron. Take a look at the list of 7 tips that will help you make your curls last longer.

1. Spray

Use your hair spray right after you blow dry your hair. This will help you make the perfect curls, which will hold all day/night long. Brush that spray out and start curling your hair. Make sure you hold the spray approximately 30cm away from the hair. If you use too much spray, your curls might just clump.

2. Section off your hair

My hair is thick and long and the curling process is really hard. Sometimes one side looks amazing and the other is absolutely flat. This is why I usually section off my hair and take my time to make my curls last longer. When I don’t have time, I opt for rollers.

3. Pins

Every woman should have pins and use them when she needs. If you don’t have any, make sure you purchase some. Every time you’re done using your rollers or curling iron, wrap your curl up in a spiral on top of the head and then pin it in place. Spray the curls and loosen them.

4. Brush

After using pins, slightly brush the curls out. It will make them loose. Sure, you can leave your curls as they’re. But, I don’t like tightly wound curls because I think they look a bit silly and not beautiful. But it’s up to you, if you don’t want to brush your curls out, skip this step.

5. Final spray

After the curling, pinning, and, if you choose, brushing process, it’s time for a final spray. It’s important to use a firm hold hair spray to make your curls last longer. That extra firm hair spray will make the curls a little stiff, while mild spray may not help. I recommend you to buy a tiny spray so that you can carry it around with you to fix your curls any moment.

6. Slightly dirty hair

If you haven’t washed your hair for a day, it’s great because it will help make your curls last all day long. Although this tip isn’t for me since my hair usually looks awful after a day, I know many girls who say that a little dirty hair is easier to curl and it lasts much longer.

7. Weather

Finally, pay attention to the weather. If it’s raining outside, make sure you take your umbrella with you. If it’s windy, it’s better to take a taxi rather than walking. Use your common sense and prevent your curls from falling out. I know this tip sounds obvious, but many of us often skip it.

Follow these tips and your curls will certainly last the whole day and even night. Do you have any other curling tips? Don’t forget to share them with us in the comments below.



Making Your Curls Last Longer