Merkaba Jewelry: For Healing & Balance

Merkaba Jewelry: For Healing & Balance : We all tend to look at jewelry as a stylish addition to that brand new outfit. The right knickknack that will draw attention. Clearly, one person’s style is distinctive from the next. Some of the best pieces of jewelry are more powerful than you may realize. Perhaps you have a necklace that someone gave you and each time you put it on, you have good luck. Notably, Merkaba is one of the most symbolic pieces of jewelry.

There is truly a plethora of symbolism in many types of jewelry. But what is that meaning exactly?

The answer to that varies. This is because each piece is different and unique in its own way. Materials can consist of gold, pewter, silver, and more. What’s more, you’ll find out that most of them come from age-old traditions. It’s undeniable to ignore the unique essence they possess. Just the all-powerful presence of the symbol is telling.

Extraordinary symbols like the Merkaba express what exists in the heart of that person. Truly, each piece is so much more than just a fashion statement. They are genuine in the meaning that they convey. Something that holds dear to the wearer’s beliefs.

In this post, we will go over one of the most significant designs of symbolic jewelry. We will discover the reasons why wearing a star tetrahedron is essential to many. Let’s embark on a path of light to find Merkaba’s sacred hidden meaning.

The Magnitude of Merkaba Jewelry

The word Merkaba is actually a combination of three separate words.

  • “Mer” stands for light.
  • “Ka”, which stands for Spirit or Astral Self.
  • “Ba”, which stands for body or Physical Self.

When united, they define a compelling message: Merkaba is the vehicle of light for our spirit and body that will lead us to ascension.

From this definition, it’s clear to see the remarkable meaning that this special pendant conveys.

When we put on Merkaba jewelry, it’s an impressive reminder of the power that exists inside of us. This talisman relates to this phenomenal ability to transcend. It will also remind us of the healing effects and the perseverance of our Spirit through this vehicle.

The Dynamic Forces of Merkaba

Everything within our universe carries a star tetrahedral energy field. And Merkaba is that transcendent light vehicle. Long ago, the masters of ascension understood the purpose of connecting on a deeper level through higher realms of consciousness.

This is made clear by the enveloping of our body and spirit is wheels within wheels of light. These spirals of energy are the propelling force guiding the spirit and the body. It’s a literal vehicle steering us from one dimension into the next.

There are truly many elements involved that make Merkaba jewelry express rich significance to those that believe. One of the elements involved in this symbol is known as sacred geometry. This term relates to illusion simulation algorithms and Matrix that Unite and manifest all of reality.

Merkaba is founded upon ancient patterns of sacred geometry. This symbolizes the love that is the foundation and beginning of everything in addition to the universe. This of course includes both seen and unseen things in our world. This exists within human beings as 3-Dimensional intertwining triangles as they overlap they make connections to the spirit and the body.

The intensifying effect of sacred geometry within this particular symbol is based on the bond between microcosm and macrocosm. It correlates the harmony of the universe. And how that peace within it relies on mathematical guidelines. These constants continuously reveal themselves in nature.

Spiritual Awakening

Interestingly, a 5000-year-old word describes exactly how your consciousness is well aware of the existing fields of spiritual energy. The mysticism behind Merkaba allows the believers an opportunity to reach higher spiritual energy.

Merkaba describes a love-oriented dance between energies of love and light. This religious and spiritual technique will allow you to experience love and bliss.

Have you ever heard of the term “As Above, So Below”? This is an excellent description of the law of physics. It essentially relates to being aware that higher levels of consciousness exist. This is why the concept of a Merkaba amulet helps embrace the intuition of the wearer.

The Power Within the Star Tetrahedron

It’s important to realize that is indeed one of the most powerful symbols. Since it is associated with the aura and the Prana energy field believe that it will connect our higher self and spiritual growth. So to appreciate the potential of Merkaba, we must be able to recognize the energy fields that surround each human being.

Merkaba is the power of the force of life. It exists everywhere in boundless quantities. The Prana acquires entrance to the body through the very top. It’s interesting to point out that this makes it clear as to why the unborn embryos have a hole in the middle of their head.

As it makes its way through our body it will flow through our chakras. These chakras are the 8 primary centers of the body. This intricate energy flow it’s called “turning the wheel”, in Indian Sanskrit. The ancient Egyptians believe that there are 13 different chakras all connect to different energy centers within the human body.

The Prana energy field is a three-dimensional star tetrahedron some call it the Star of David. To connect with Prana energy, anyone can practice an ancient Prana breathing technique. It will invoke the two or three-star tetrahedron fields to spin in opposite directions. This is how we all develop a 17-meter energy field in our minds. This is what makes the star tetrahedron the ideal representation of our light body.

Energy and Centeredness

There are so many advantages to bearing the Merkaba symbol. However, the value each person acquires will vary greatly. some find it to be very beneficial in improving the stream of energy through the center of the brain that is closest to the pineal gland. indeed, it will improve one’s intuitive abilities because of the transformation through the use of the pineal gland.

It’s important to note that we typically only use about 10% of our brainpower, and sometimes even less. When we apply this concept of energy and begin to feel a shift in consciousness, we will strengthen both our human sensory and reasonable thinking skills. Through the practice of Merkaba, we will experience deep spiritual and mental awareness. This is why the symbolic representation of it in jewelry truly means so much to the believer.

Clearly, throughout history, there has been a lot of support in the use of Merkaba. tarot cards, the Bible, and the Kabbalah held firm in the use of extraordinary power that we each have inside of us. Although this knowledge has been repressed for ages, now the connection is re-established in the hearts of many.


Jewelry creators who design symbolic motifs possess extraordinary ability. They must study the spiritual importance and the sacred geometry of each symbol. Because they apply these principles they set a standard for a pendant that means so much more to the person that it’s meant for. This is because the piece includes sacred science an art. This will empower the wearer because it is an inspiring piece.

It’s important to experience the self-healing that the star tetrahedron will bring. It will help you conquer everything you face in life. It will help keep negativity away throughout your life. Merkaba pendants are certainly a remarkable shield that will help you gain a deeper connection with your higher self.







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Merkaba Jewelry: For Healing & Balance

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