Motivate Your Kids to Go to School

Motivate Your Kids to Go to School

In the end of summer children usually feel sadness and you can’t change this because they must go to school, as we all did it. But, I can give you some tips that will help you to change their opinions. There are some ways to make them feel better, and I’m sure, as soon as their school buses come to them, they will run to school with pleasure!

1. Tasty food for breakfast

We all don’t love to get up from the super cozy bed in the mornings, so you should create something really amazing for breakfast. Smell of fried eggs or very tasty fresh cooked waffles will get up your children better than anything else. They need to get a lot of useful for their organisms things from this type of meals. Only then they will work hard for a long time.

2. New school tour

If your child is going to go to the new school this year help them to adapt with this situation a little bit earlier. It’s really nervous to go through it, so you can ask their new teacher to show you both the new school and tell a little bit about their new classmates. So, when the first day comes, your child will be afraid less!

3. Party

It sounds really weird now, because usually everybody makes some parties in the end of the study year. But let’s update this tradition and make the new one! The new study year also is the reason to celebrate, so invite all your child’s friends and let them play together and have a lot of fun!

4. Knowledge

The main thing that your child gets from the school is the new knowledge. And of course it’s not really funny always, I’d like to say that usually it’s very boring. But you must motivate your baby to want to know more. You can try to create some safety experiments at your home or tell them what the great feelings you get when you learn something new. Or, for example, tell that when they learn how to write, they can write to anybody they really love (some celebrities from TV shows). Ask them what they learn from each school day and listen it very attentively.

5. Some mini gifts after school

Your children will be excited a lot if they know that they will get something special after school! They will study hard and try to get some good marks only for it, so you can motivate them this way!

6. New and old friends

Everybody loves to spend the time with their friends, but when holidays come, children can’t communicate with them all. The most of them go away with their parents in vacation; somebody needs to go to the camps or maybe to their grandparents. Also, a lot of children start working, when they get some free time. So, when study year comes back your child’s friends come back and they will meet without a peep. And some new pupils can appear at their classes, so they can meet some new friends! I think it’s really great idea to make your little ones want to school!

7. A lot of new things

Oh, I really love this one, because when I was in this age it was great to get a lot of new things to wear and to use in school. You should take your kids and went through some shops to buy them new clothes and special school things. And I’m sure, they will be very glad to show new purchases to their friends!

Sure, it’s really hard to come back to school after really lazy and fun holidays. So, I’m sure, my tips will help you to make them feel better at this period of year! Give it a try! Well, what about your kids? Do they love to come back to their study?



Motivate Your Kids to Go to School