Protect Your Eyelashes from Damage

Protect Your Eyelashes from Damage
Protect Your Eyelashes from Damage

Like hair on any part of the body, eyelashes can be damaged or even lost. Even makeup and beauty practices can cause problems when it comes to eyelashes. You want to enhance the lashes that you have, not lose them. To avoid damage to your eyelashes, follow these ten tips.

1. Limit Mascara Use

Limit Mascara Use

Daily mascara use can be very harmful to eyelashes, though it isn’t clear why. Experts recommend that you wear mascara on limited occasions and that you take holidays from the product if you wear it often. Additionally, avoid daily use of mascara that is designed to stay in place for long periods of time. Twenty-four hour mascara may be convenient, but it can be very damaging to your eyelashes. Look for mascara that contains vitamin E and other essential oils that are good for lash health. Consider wearing eyelash primer, which goes on before mascara and protects the lashes from the harsher ingredients in both mascara and eyeliner. Look for primers that contain pro-keratin. And don’t forget to remove mascara before bed, even if you wear primer.


2. Throw Old Mascara Out

Throw Old Mascara Out

If you use mascara, then never let it get older than three to six months. Old mascara can harbor bacteria that can lead to infection and lash loss or damage. If you can’t avoid mascara, at least use fresh product.


3. Moisturize


Believe it or not, your eyelashes need moisture just as much as your skin does. Lash serums are commercially available, but you can also make your own. Castor oil, Vaseline, and Vitamin E are the essential ingredients in any lash serum. Vaseline alone works wonders for moisturizing lashes and encouraging their growth.


4. Limit Fake Eyelash Use

Limit Fake Eyelash Use

Fake eyelashes can be great when you want to stun an audience or make a lasting impression, but they also cause a lot of damage to your real lashes. The glue used to keep fake lashes on will pull out the real thing and it can also cause irritation that can affect the hair follicles over time. Never, under any circumstance, sleep with a fake lash on. In most cases, professionally applied fake lashes will have less impact on your real lashes, so have a professional do it if you can.


5. Curl Gently or Not at All

Curl Gently or Not at All

If you must curl your eyelashes, do it gently and never apply heat. It is best to avoid the process of curling if you can, but if you cannot, give your eyelashes extra attention by brushing them gently each day. A gentle brushing will stimulate growth and keep the lashes moisturized by spreading oils over them. When curling, never pull on your eyelids.


6. Avoid Prescriptions

Avoid Prescriptions

There are FDA-approved lash-enhancement products on the market and while they can do wonders for people who have damaged or missing eyelashes, you should never use them on healthy lashes and never for longer than sixteen weeks. If you require a product like this, use it under the direction of a physician.


7. Be Gentle

Be Gentle

Never tug at your eyelashes if you can help it and don’t rub your eyes when they are itchy. Dermatologists recommend patting your eye when it is itchy rather than rubbing. They also suggest that you keep your hands clean so that you don’t introduce bacteria to your eyes or the surrounding skin when you touch them.


8. Use Quality Cosmetics

Use Quality Cosmetics

Anything you apply to your skin should be of the highest quality you can afford. This is especially true of mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, and other products that go in and around your eyes. Quality products will be extensively tested and come with warnings if they can cause potential allergic reactions.


9. Use Egg Whites

Use Egg Whites

The proteins in eggs are great for skin and hair, including your eyelashes. Mix one egg white with an equal volume of Castor oil. Brush the mixture on to your lash line and leave it until it dries. Rinse it away after fifteen minutes and pat your eyes dry.


10. Eat Well

Eat Well

Diet is as important for eyelashes as it is for any other aspect of the body. In particular, the B vitamins help to promote hair health. Foods like nutritional yeast, fish, carrots, eggs, legumes, and mushrooms all contain biotin (B7), a vitamin important for your lash health. In addition to B vitamins, you will want to increase your intake of silicon to improve hair growth. Silicon, in the proper form, can be found in asparagus, cucumbers, olives, green beans, bear, rice, and oats.

You wouldn’t leave products like hairspray in your hair overnight, so don’t leave products on your eyes either. You should always remove makeup before bed and then rejuvenate your skin with moisturizer. Take care of your eyelashes and they will remain full and beautiful and do their job, which is to protect your eyes from debris and sweat, for a lifetime.



Protect Your Eyelashes from Damage