Schooling Stress – 5 Questions To Ask Your Child If They Say They Hate School

Schooling Stress – 5 Questions To Ask Your Child If They Say They Hate School : School can be tough for some kids. There is a lot of pressure to do well and fit in, so sometimes, kids just need a day off to recoup and recharge. However, if your child constantly wants to skip school or verbally stresses how much they hate it, the way you respond is crucial. Get it wrong, and you’ll shut them down. Get it right, and you can start a positive conversation that addresses the issue.

Here are some helpful questions you can ask your child if they say they hate school:

  1. What’s the most challenging thing about school?

    When a child is having difficulty in a particular subject or with a certain topic, it can make them feel defeated. If your child isn’t “getting it” or receives poor grades, extra help might be in order.

    Online tutors can help with any subject your child is having difficulty in, and they often do so when it’s most convenient for you. Don’t let your child struggle. Instead, consider hiring a tutor to help them understand and enjoy school again.

  2. Why do you want to stay home?

    The constant social and academic pressures associated with school can be overwhelming. Sometimes, the only thing they can think to do is feign ill and skip school. If your child complains of sickness and asks to stay home weekly, or it’s a struggle to get them up and ready each day, take a step back and ask why they want to stay home. Discuss their concerns and see if the two of you can’t come up with a solution that makes school an exciting place to go to again.

  3. How are you sleeping?

    Without a doubt, school can be exhausting, which is why kids need a good night’s sleep. If your child says they’re too tired to go to school, ask if they’re sleeping well. Find out if something is bothering them that keeps them from getting restful sleep. Kids often carry heavy mental loads, so be sure to let yours know it’s normal to worry about things and that you understand and are willing to help in any way you can.

  4. What is making you so unhappy?

    There are times that a single incident or bad experience can overshadow everything else. Kids can be cruel, so if something has happened at school that has embarrassed your child, it could cause them to hate everything about school.

    Get to the core of your child’s unhappiness by asking specific questions. If the other kids are being mean, ask your child to tell you who they are or what grade they’re in. Offer to talk to teachers and school staff to formulate a plan to deter bullying.

  5. Do you find it difficult to keep up with your workload?

    Organizational skills are key to staying on top of schoolwork, but not every child is naturally gifted in this area. If your child is constantly losing things or having trouble keeping up with homework, it could impact their ability to learn and succeed.

    Teachers are often quick to let parents know when their child is unorganized, especially if it keeps the student from doing well in class. When this is the case, work with your child to find ways to stay organized that work for their personality.

When you ask questions about why your child hates school, it helps you understand what they’re going through. Kids don’t always know how to convey their feelings, but by asking the right questions, you can help them through whatever it is they’re dealing with.






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Schooling Stress – 5 Questions To Ask Your Child If They Say They Hate School

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