Surprising Uses of the World’s Most Popular Skin Treatment Compound

Surprising Uses of the World’s Most Popular Skin Treatment Compound : Hearing the word “Botox” doesn’t always stir up the most positive thoughts. It’s unfortunate that this amazing medical discovery has garnered a reputation for being that thing that all the rich and popular people have the money for. Sure, a few decades ago, that might have been a reality, mostly because of how Botox wasn’t as available back then as it is now.

But with the major strides made in the world of medicine, Botox is now more accessible than ever before. There are thousands of clinics across the world which offer Botox at a reasonable price, so that as many individuals are treated as possible. So the only thing that really holds anyone back from getting Botox nowadays is time and just the simple wish to try it out.

But there are other reasons why the world of medicine is starting to go crazy about Botox NYC and other major metropolitan areas being some of the biggest epicenters for the stuff. However, you’d be surprised to hear that science is uncovering some truly amazing uses for this incredible compound and hopefully you are understanding and opinion of Botox.

And you’d be very much surprised to hear how much of a versatile tool the botulinum toxin is. Now, keep in mind; most of the stuff listed here is still in heavy-duty research. This means they’re barely used in practice, but may become actual viable solutions to these problems in the near future.

  • Eye Twitching

    Before we understand the various uses of Botox, we must first understand how Botox actually works. Botox, or botulinum toxin, the proper medical term for it, temporarily paralyzes the nerves that put muscles into constant strain. When the muscles let go of their constant strain, there are a variety of different effects. For example, skin becomes smoother. That’s how Botox is used to make smoother, tighter skin.

    And speaking of soothing the muscles; there is a problem that many people across the world have to deal with. Twitchy eyes may be a minor annoyance for you sometimes, but for some people; it’s a permanent problem. And eye twitching is quite a widespread syndrome and affects millions of people across the world.

    So as you’d imagine, this development is a big breakthrough and could be very important to many people across the world. And while it is still in its initial research phase, there is a lot of promise for this solution.

  • Joint Pains

    You may not experience it now, but after some time, joints begin to hurt thanks to all the pressure they have to go through after years of use. This is completely natural and happens to pretty much everyone at some point. In fact, it may even happen when you’re at a younger age.

    The problem with joint pains is that they’re located in very important parts of your body. People with joint pains have a hard time doing some standard actions in life. Stuff like walking around, moving you arms, sitting and standing up could become that much more difficult and painful with joint pains. And these are some of the most common physical actions we perform on a daily basis.

    This is why there are so many different cures for joint pains still in development. And while the research is still in a very early phase, it has been reported that patients have 50% more joint functionality than they did prior to getting the Botox injections. This is a very good sign and could mean that a full cure is on the horizon.

  • Migraines

    Another type of pain that many people across the world experience is migraine. The hardest part about migraines is the fact that no one really knows where they come from. Which is the biggest reason as to why there hasn’t been a full cure developed yet? But as with any other health related problem, science is always trying to find an answer, and Botox has answered the call.

    Again, like the previous solutions, this one is also in very early stages of research and testing. But the practice behind getting rid of migraines with Botox remains pretty similar to the previous two.

    By paralyzing the nerves which transmit the sensation of pain to the brain, basically, Botox has been able to stop the sensation of pain in its tracks, significantly lowering the sensation of having a migraine. Again, while it’s still being tested, the results so far have proven very positive. Many of the patients injected with Botox to combat migraines report significantly less pain than before, in some cases almost feeling no pain at all.

    So while it is in its earliest stages of testing, the results have been very promising. And who knows; maybe in a couple years, it will be an approved method of fighting migraines.


And All the Rest

There are many more different health problems being tested for possible treatment with Botox. So, it’s pretty clear that there is still a lot we can learn from it. And every day, a new stride is made with this impressive compound. Hopefully in a few years, we’ll be seeing Botox used for a lot more than just skin treatment.

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Surprising Uses of the World’s Most Popular Skin Treatment Compound