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Most-Ignored Sexual Erogenous Zone

The taint. If you had a dollar for every time you’ve heard a joke about it, you’d probably be pretty flush right now. But if all you’re doing with your taint is laughing at it, then you’re missing out on some serious pleasure. The space between your genitals and your anus, a.k.a. the perineum, is packed with nerve endings. “The addition […]

Creative and Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the most beautiful feeling in the world – love. Love is a special feeling and it should be expressed in an extraordinary way. On Valentine’s Day, it is especially important to show your love to your partner. Most people want to make this day memorable in their own special way, and if you […]

Sex Facts You Need in Your Life

This is not your high school sex ed class. Even if you consider yourself a total sexpert, there is always something new to learn about sex. From all the crazy ways it can improve your health to the downright weird things that happen during the act, read on for everythingyou could possibly want to know about getting busy. Plus, we […]

Ways to Increase His Stamina in Bed

Nothing can kill your sex buzz like being all caught up in the moment with a totally revved engine when the guy orgasms, putting the kibosh on one of the most fun ways to get your heartrate up. It’s an unfortunate fact of nature that women usually take a leisurely path to orgasm while guys often opt for the shortest […]

Sex Tips for Every Spot On a Man’s Body

The top erogenous zones for guys—and what to do with each one A new study identifies the most sensitive spots on the male body. And while his penis came out on top (no shocker there), there are plenty of other places he wants you to include in the action. Here, the spots your boyfriend or husband is dying for you […]

How Having a C-Section Affects Your Sex Life

Not-so-great news for moms who’ve gone through this procedure. Ask any new mom what sex was like once her doctor gave her the go-ahead to get back in the saddle (typically about six weeks after birth), and she’ll probably cop to it not being the best ever—due to new-mom fatigue, perhaps, or vaginal dryness caused by breastfeeding-induced hormone changes.

What Guys Really Think About Your Pubic Hair

A new study surveyed men on down-there ‘dos. We seriously doubt any guy would retreat if he came to find you had the “wrong” downstairs hairstyle, but a new study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows that most men prefer hair-free lady parts. For the study, researchers asked 1,110 college-aged men and women how they maintained their pubic hair, […]

Valentine’s Day Surprises Every Woman Would Love to Get

Valentine’s Day is coming fast and most women would love to get some fabulous surprises on this special day. Although Valentine’s Day is not all about gifts, sometimes we express love through the giving of presents. Whether or not you’ll be lucky to receive any of these amazing surprises depends on how thoughtful and imaginative your sweetheart is. However, you […]

Ever Had A Vaginal Orgasm?

5 moves to make it happen Routines are easy to come by in relationships—and that’s especially true in the bedroom, where it’s all too easy to bypass adventure in favor of the tried and true moves. But it may be worth trying a few pleasure-boosting changes to your regularly scheduled romp: A recent study published in the Journal of Sexual […]

Why Are Some Guys So Obsessed with Butt Play?

Experts explain his preoccupation with your tush. The butt is definitely having a moment: Nicki Minaj exists, yoga pants are a thing, and women everywhere are squatting their way to more shapely backsides.

How a Healthy Lifestyle Affects Your Sex Life

You’d be surprised what shedding a few pounds can do for your love life, both physically and mentally. Think losing 10 pounds (or more) could change your sex life? You might be right! That’s because losing even a little weight can make you feel better mentally and physically, which is the best way to recharge your sexual desire.

Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Girls

Christmas and New Year are far behind us and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about unique gifts and romantic dinners. After all, it’s always a good idea to buy gifts well in advance to save money and avoid long lines. Or, if you choose DIY gifts, you will have enough time to make […]

Little Sweet Gestures to Make on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about love, so let’s don’t forget about people around us. It’s great to celebrate this holiday of love and romance with your sweetheart but it’s also wonderful to reach out to other people in your life. There are some little sweet gestures you can make on Valentine’s Day. Maybe you want to reach out to your […]

Romantic New Year’s Celebration Ideas for Couples

Romantic New Year’s Celebration Ideas for Couples : New Year’s Eve is a time of celebration and anticipation. For couples, it can be a wonderful reminder of another year together and the hope of many more years spent with one another in the future. Skip parties, celebrate the New Year with a romantic date night. You can have much more […]