The Best Martial Arts For Fitness

The Best Martial Arts For Fitness : Due to numerous reasons, people train martial arts, some pursue it for mental discipline, while others want to learn self-defense, and so on. Today we will be telling you about the martial art forms that are best for fitness and workout. If you want a fit and athletic body that moves briskly then follow along.

This list is not specifically for self-defense martial arts, however, MMA and Krav Maga are most famous for it.

They don’t require any uniform either so you can wear spat pants and shirts or even regular T-shirts. Anyways, martial arts are great for weight loss, fat loss, physical and mental fitness. strength training, cardiovascular workout, speed and flexibility along with other things are needed in martial arts that collectively make a great workout routine.

  • Muay Thai

    Aka Thai Boxing is was developed in Thailand, which is noticeable.  Focusing on stand-up strikes and clinching techniques “art of eight limbs,” is brutal with unforgiving and upfront attacks. You can use fists, elbows, knees, and shins to defend and attach. Over time it has given the world great champions. Knee attacks are most used and clearly notable. Muay Thai training might not seem much but you will know how effective it is once you train. Only ground-based techniques are killer workouts. No doubt it is best for fitness and workout.

  • Wing Chun

    It became famous because of Donnie Yen’s ‘Ip Man’ big-screen series. People came to know about it more and got seriously interested in training. Wing Chun’s signature continuous fast strikes will tone you up in a heartbeat. Just training for that is so brutal you will want to give up. Muscle coordination with speed and power is the goal of this art form. However, it can also be used to relieve stress and clear your mind. Did you know Wing Chun was the first martial art Bruce Lee learned, yes, he was the student of great grandmaster Ip Man. Wing Chung was a crucial part of his techniques.

  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

    Grappling and ground-based fighting, BJJ is will tire you up in seconds. Blending anaerobic and aerobic type of workout is what makes BJJ one of the best for fitness martial art forms. Don’t take it lightly!

  • Mixed Martial Arts

    MMA combines techniques from several other martial arts and later on, it grew and developed its unique style. Just because of its ideal combination it is one of the best, I think top martial art forms not only for self-defense but workout and exercise. I get so grandmasters that famous MMA fights, the UFC ring, MMA gloves and scenes from the fight keep circling around in my head. It places great emphasis on strength and speed that will make you strong and fast, great a right?

  • Wrestling

    Starting from standing position wrestlers eventually, get on the ground. Takedowns, flying throws, taking over, and getting control of your opponent is the main focus. However, there are no strikes, so you can say this is relatively peaceful martial art but makes a great workout. Just trying to get out of the control of your opponent or holding them in place will tire you so much giving a sense of cardio workout.

  • Judo

    This Japanese martial art comprises of free weights training and self-defense that are surely good workouts. Breathing and calming techniques are also a part of it, so it not only is physical but mental workout keeping the body and mind healthy.

  • Krav Maga

    This is just like MMA combining a different technique from other martial arts. Krav Maga drills are one of the most intense physical workouts raising your metabolic rates high constantly burning fat while enhancing endurance, strength, and agility.





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The Best Martial Arts For Fitness

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