The Best Movies To Watch Together With Your Loved One

The Best Movies To Watch Together With Your Loved One : What comes into your mind when you think of movies you can watch, together with your special one? As a rule, men think of romantic novels or comedies with typical happy endings. For sure, the feeling that love wins over everything is powerful. And that’s absolutely okay – your girlfriend can’t get enough of it, especially in cinematic wrapping.

Still, there are many other appropriate movies, perfect for a romantic evening with your partner. And we, on our part, want to share the list of our personal favorites with you. Some of them give the audience a good feeling after all. While others – demonstrate the tragedy of a breakup, odd first dates, and endless strive for a perfect romance. As well as the normal everyday life of ordinary men and women who decided to go through life hand in hand. But all these movies have one thing in common. As a guy in the couple – you can learn something from them if you take the wisdom from the film characters! Sounds promising, isn’t it? So stop searching in Google “bride order mail agency” – spend a cozy evening with your girls instead.

Marriage Story

Actually, Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) and Charlie (Adam Driver) wanted to become separated peacefully (without unnecessary arguments and fights). After all years of marriage, there is still a great deal of respect for one another in their case. And, of course, a war of parents would not be the best for their son either. But when the expensive divorce lawyers come into play, this idea appears more complicated to carry out than previously thought.

This movie is ideal for couples who have already been on the verge of separation several times and for whom things are currently not going well.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

The woman with Greek roots – Toula (Nia Vardalos), grows up in a strictly traditional family and works in a national restaurant in Chicago. But when she falls in love with the non-Greek Ian (John Corbett), her relatives almost go crazy – and not exactly with joy! Despite their prejudice, Toula and Ian want to get married. But before the special day, lovebirds must survive a first-class culture conflict – for both sides! Intelligent and wonderfully funny – that’s how critics describe this movie.

This film is perfect for couples who aren’t sure whether they should dare to make such a step and become husband and wife. Or those who are already in the middle of the wedding preparations and believe that their families are troublesome.

Isn’t It Romantic

New York architect Natalie (Rebel Wilson) doesn’t think much of romance. She works hard but still has to pick up coffee and bagels for the boss every day. However, one day Natalie wakes up and realizes: she is caught in her worst nightmare – she is the leading actress in a romantic comedy! It’s a refreshing rom-com satire with a good cast – you are going to love it.

Couples who have the feeling that their life is horribly normal definitely need to watch this film.


The two singles in their late twenties, Gabi (Laia Costa) and Martin (Nicholas Hoult) – get to know and fall in love with each other through a dating app. When mutual cheating occurs, they decide to use the dating app that brought them together to spice their sex life up. They want to save their relationship no matter what.

The couples who are thinking about an open relationship and/or want to add some more passion to their sex life will love this movie.

P.S. All these films are available on Netflix. Enjoy your evening!




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The Best Movies To Watch Together With Your Loved One

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