The Second Brain: Examining the Link Between CBD and Gut Health

Examining the Link Between CBD and Gut Health :A popular misconception would be to take the view that the key to good gut health is all about proper digestion. There is a lot more to the science than that, and if you look after your gut it can also positively influence how you fight off bacteria and viruses and other important physiological processes.

There is a connection between using CBD products like premium-blend CBD hemp oils and the health of your gut and there is a reason why your gut could be viewed as your second brain when you consider the way it controls what happens inside your body.

Why your gut matters

First of all, it will help to know why it matters so much that you are proactive about improving your gut health.

The bottom line is that your gut is your body’s primary defense system against external threats like toxins entering your bloodstream and causing you to feel unwell.

Your gut is made up of a complete intestinal system and is linked directly to your brain. This is why you can sometimes hear it referred to as your second brain because it is responsible for producing serotonin, which is the neurotransmitter that controls your mood in a positive way.

The CBD connection

The fact that your gut is constantly transmitting messages to your central nervous system is relevant to where CBD can play a part.

This communication channel is essential to your wellbeing and your endocannabinoid system is the conduit that interacts with receptors to keep your body in the best possible state of health.

There are two primary cannabinoids that are responsible for regulating this communication system between your gut and your brain. The cannabinoids provided by CBD are able to impersonate the effects of the endocannabinoids that your body makes and this means it can provide additional support to help your gut function well.

Basically, CBD has the capacity to interact with your body’s receptors and help promote improved gut health.

Help with digestion

Another positive point about using CBD products to promote good gut health is the fact that it is capable of aiding a whole host of different aspects of your digestive system.

In particular, CBD is capable of stimulating the so-called CB1 receptor in your body, which is the one that is responsible for good coordination of gut motility.

Another positive factor of this interaction is that it is capable of reducing the rate that your stomach empties, which means a reduction in stomach acid. It also improves your ability to absorb nutrients in a more efficient way.

Creating balance

Using CBD to promote gut health has the effect of achieving a good balance within your bodily systems and this also has the effect of providing the right conditions for encouraging good bacteria.

When you understand the relationship between your gut and your brain it makes perfect sense to use products that promote good gut health, like CBD, so that you can improve your sense of wellbeing and fight off bad bacteria.







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The Second Brain: Examining the Link Between CBD and Gut Health

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