Things to Consider before Planning Your Wedding

Before planning your wedding, you should think about some of the most important things. These things can make your planning process much easier since they help narrow down your choices and put guidelines into place. Wedding planning is a wonderful time, but it can also be one of the most stressful times of your life.

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  1. Size of your wedding

    One of the most important things to think about before planning a wedding is the size of your wedding. Do you want to have a big wedding or a more intimate wedding with only family and a few close friends? Or maybe you want to have a secret wedding?! It’s really important thing to consider!

  2. Your budget

    Another important thing to consider is your budget. Depending on the size of your wedding you should create a wedding budget that you can afford. Think about the cost of venue, photographers, decorations, dress, food, etc. You can’t start to plan your wedding if you don’t come to a conclusion on a budget with your sweetheart.

  3. Colors

    Even if you think that the colors don’t have a huge impact on your wedding, they actually can set the tone for your whole day. Once you choose your colors, you can easily move on to choosing the bridesmaid dresses, bouquets, and decorations. Think carefully about your wedding colors since they can say a lot about the ambiance of your wedding.

  4. Theme

    Sure, not every wedding has a theme, but if you want to have a themed wedding, it’s better to decide the theme at the beginning of the planning process. This will help you to choose the color scheme and decorations for your theme. In fact, having a theme can help you in the planning process since it helps to narrow down your options.

  5. Wedding planner

    Before thinking about the venue, decorations, and other details of your wedding, you should decide whether to have a wedding planner or go it alone. If you’re an experienced party planner, you may feel confident in planning your wedding without a wedding planner. But if you are not, having a wedding planner like glamourDMC will make the planning process less stressful and much easier.

  6. Planning process

    No doubt, you are so excited about your wedding that you want to jump into everything right away, but you should think about the planning process first. Make sure that you and your future husband share the planning process and try to make it an equal effort. It’s also important that the planning process will be as stress-free as possible!

  7. Priorities

    Clarify what you want to prioritize and spend more time on during the planning process. Do you want to spend more time focusing on the reception and entertainment? Or do you want religion to be a big part of your wedding? Whatever you prioritize, it’ll be emphasized on your special day and it’ll be something you remember about your wedding day many years down the road.

If you recently got married, can you think of any things to consider before planning a wedding I left out? Feel free to share your experiences!


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Things to Consider before Planning Your Wedding