Top 5 Easy Ways To Get-rid of PCOD Without Medicine

Top 5 Easy Ways To Get-rid of PCOD Without Medicine
Top 5 Easy Ways To Get-rid of PCOD Without Medicine

Top 5 Easy Ways To Get-rid of PCOD Without Medicine : We live in a tough world. Life moves faster than wind. We hardly get time to look at ourselves thoroughly every day, let alone the part where we dedicate some time in taking care of our health. It’s very natural for everyone to fall behind on health meters at a very young age.

If we talk about women and their health problems, things get more sensitive. As per many surveys and studies, 8 out of 10 women faces multiple health issues by the time they reach the age of 35. One of the most common problems is PCOS or PCOD. In the latter part of the article, we will explain several reasons why women suffer from this disease which, if not treated properly, later becomes the root of infertility and early menopause.

PCOD has many early symptoms. A few of very easily observed are, a disturbed menstrual cycle, weight gain, unusual blackness in the skin, unusual hair growth on body and infertility. If you notice any of these changes in your body please visit your doctor. PCOD can be diagnosed easily and proper medication is available for it.

However, detecting and getting the right kind of treatment is not the issue here. The problem is that this is a chronicle disease. It comes back again very soon. As this disease mostly happens because of imbalanced hormones, the medicine prescribed for it can also have some side effects in some cases.

However, there are a few things, if done regularly, can, not only, cure this problem in long-term but by bringing positive changes in your lifestyle can also save you from many other diseases.

My Personal Experience

In 2015, I suffered from PCOD. Reasons were usual like neglecting proper diet, no exercise and lots of stress. My doctor asked me to choose between medicine or a healthy lifestyle. I chose the later and promised her, if in three months I am not able to improve my health with proper exercise and diet I would start taking medicine (she was of course bully on medicines).

I found a very good Yoga class. The instructor luckily had a lot of experience and knowledge as it’s a very common problem with women nowadays and he dealt with many women suffering from the same problems.

For three months I followed all his instructions religiously. After three months, I went to meet my doctor. After hesitating a long time in the beginning as she believed that without medicine nothing would have changed with my health, she finally agreed to do my ultrasound.

What we found was extremely shocking for both of us. I was recovered 90% in past months and my symptoms were so promising that doctor herself asked me to continue without medicine.

Here are the 5 golden rules I follow and got better.

Regular Exercise

This is the master key to great health. Regular exercise with a positive attitude can do magic to your health. However, if done in a specific manner, keeping a particular disease in mind, Yoga can do miracles. I am sharing this with my readers because it’s my personal experience. Tried and tested.

Right Kind Of Exercise

Not just any exercise. If you are suffering from PCOD, there are few exercises and Yoga Asanas which are more beneficial than others. Take an expert advice and do exercise on regular basis.

Proper Diet

My instructor flatly told me that, to get better I have to control my taste buds and follow a strict diet.

  • All edible items made with White Floor were strictly prohibited.
  • More than half TSP Sugar was not allowed in one day.
  • Eat Salad two times per day.
  • Lots of Fibers like Oats must be included in breakfast.
  • Avoid Rice and Potato as much as possible.
  • Eat a lot of fruits.
  • Last but most important – don’t stay hungry. Eat three proper meals per day.

Stress-Free Environment

Although life is a bitch yet taking stress doesn’t take you anywhere. So stay happy and stay healthy. Meditation helps a lot and keeps you stress-free.


Don’t disturb your discipline for anything. Doesn’t matter what’s changing around you, focus and follow your routine. After all, Health is the real wealth and we all want to be rich.


It’s just a situation and you can easily get out of it. So get up and change your life. Don’t listen to me, try yourself.



Alpana Gupta is a freelance writer and has been writing for the past five years about Women Fitness, Relationship, Home Decor, DIY, Digital Marketing and Short Stories. After writing for many well-known names like now she is trying her hand in novel writing too.


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Top 5 Easy Ways To Get-rid of PCOD Without Medicine

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