Top 5 Pregnancy Conditions Making It High-Risk

Top 5 Pregnancy Conditions Making It High-Risk
Top 5 Pregnancy Conditions Making It High-Risk

Top 5 Pregnancy Conditions Making It High-Risk : If you aspire to be a mother, it is always good to know if you have the potential to have a high-risk pregnancy. A high-risk pregnancy is where there are higher risks of complications developing when you are pregnant. The complications can affect your health and that of your child.

For an OBGYN in Trinity Florida, the specialists at Suncoast Womens’ Care can help tell if you are a high-risk woman or not. They can also help you get through the pregnancy while keeping track of your health and that of your child through specialized prenatal care.

Although many factors contribute to your pregnancy being high risk, here are the top five pregnancy conditions that make your pregnancy high-risk.

  1. Multiple Pregnancy

    This is a condition where your pregnancy has more than one fetus, such as twins, triplets, or more. This increases the chances of the infants being born prematurely. This condition has been linked to giving birth after age 30 and by the use of fertility drugs. If you are carrying more than one baby, your chances of delivering the infants through cesarean section are higher. Also, the infants may be smaller in size compared to when you have just one. When these infants are born prematurely, it also increases the chances of developing complications, such as breathing problems.

  2. Gestational Diabetes

    This is a condition where you develop diabetes during pregnancy, and you didn’t have the condition before. This can cause further complications to you and also to your baby. You can experience labor and delivery complications and also high blood pressure. Besides, it increases your risk and that of your baby to develop diabetes later in life. However, if you have gestational diabetes, you can still have healthy pregnancies if you work with high-risk pregnancy specialists at Suncoast Women’s Care who can help you manage this condition.

  3. Preeclampsia and Eclampsia

    This is a condition where your blood pressure increases suddenly after the 20th week of your pregnancy. This condition can affect your brain, liver, and kidneys, which can be fatal for you and your baby. If not fatal, this condition can cause long-term health complications if not well managed. You can experience seizures or possibly a coma in severe conditions, which puts your fetus in more danger. Therefore, it is always good to seek prenatal care as such conditions can be detected early enough to be managed effectively.

  4. Previous Preterm Birth

    If you had labor or delivered before 37 weeks of pregnancy in your previous pregnancy, you are in greater jeopardy of preterm labor or birth with your current pregnancy. Your provider at Suncoast Women’s Care will monitor you and will offer treatment where necessary.

    If you conceive less than 12 months after your last delivery, your risks for preterm birth are increased. Therefore, it is good to consult your provider on contraception methods to delay the subsequent pregnancy. As you plan your family, it is also good to consult the experts on the spacing you should give your children. It can lower your chances for preterm birth.

  5. Genetic Conditions or Birth Defects

    Some complications are genetic and can be passed from parents to their children. If you have underlying genetic conditions, your provider will monitor your baby’s health to detect any complications during pregnancy. Depending on the condition, the pregnancy can be considered high-risk when treatment is required while the fetus is still in the womb.

There is a need to seek prenatal care early so that you can reduce your pregnancy risks. You can learn more about the conditions that make your pregnancy high-risk by contacting your provider at Suncoast Women’s Care.



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Top 5 Pregnancy Conditions Making It High-Risk

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