Try Pilates Today

Whether in a studio with machines or at home, there are many good reasons to try Pilates right now. Pilates are a wonderful form of exercise for your body, mind and overall strength. Plus, they are so fun to do! I totally fall in love with Pilates and if you want to get fit or you are just looking for a new exercise, here are a few great reasons to try Pilates today.

1. Stretch

While Pilates are a workout, they also feel like a good stretch. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t stretch beforehand. Stretching your body in different forms now and again is good for your muscles, your bones and your overall wellbeing! This is one of the many good reasons to try the Pilates machine right now.

2. Flexibility

Do you want to gain the flexibility? Pilates test your body’s stretch, especially with a reformer machine, and they are a great way to improve your overall flexibility. Moreover, Pilates are a perfect addition to any type of fitness or sport. They help your body get ready for exercise and reduce injuries.

3. Free your mind

Like yoga, Pilates are a fantastic exercise that helps relax and de-stress your mind. When doing Pilates, make sure you focus on your rhythmic breathing. If you practice at home, workout in silence or put some peaceful, soothing music on. Before every session, you can think of an affirmation or mantra to help you power through. Enjoy and reap all the benefits of discovering your body and relaxing your mind.

4. Build a tight core

Lengthening exercises such as Pilates are one of the best ways to build a tight core, which is a good setup for some other forms of exercise, including running, surfing and horseback riding. Pilates moves will help test your core in a way you perhaps never have.

5. Strength

Another reason to try Pilates today is because they’re strengthening. When doing Pilates, you use your body weight to build the strong, lean muscle but not bulky muscle. Plus, Pilates build strength fast, so don’t overdo it. I enjoy having strength since when I feel strong, I feel in control of my body!

6. You feel super fit

Exercises like Pilates can make you feel absolutely fit! This is one of the reasons why I love Pilates. No matter how many hours I spend in a gym, the feeling I get from doing Pilates is a fabulous sense of full body strength! It may be the feeling of working against the body weight, but still something about Pilates is super calming and toning.

7. Minimal exercise

Finally, Pilates are wonderful since they are a really minimal workout. You can do mat Pilates almost everywhere, all you need is a clean surface, a mat, comfy clothes and bare feet. If you travel a lot, Pilates are a perfect exercise to do in your hotel room. Sometimes I even do Pilates at work, it helps me relax, clear my mind and successfully accomplish all my tasks.

Not only do Pilates make you feel fit, they also boost your mood and help fight depression. So, go to a nearby studio, or find some easy exercises that you can do at home. Have you ever tried Pilates?


Try Pilates Today