Virgin Hair Fertilizer 101: How to Choose the Right One For Your Hair Type

Virgin Hair Fertilizer 101: How to Choose the Right One For Your Hair Type
Virgin Hair Fertilizer 101: How to Choose the Right One For Your Hair Type

Virgin Hair Fertilizer 101: How to Choose the Right One For Your Hair Type : Deciding to go natural with your hair is a beautiful decision. However, it’s a hard decision, considering the amount of work it takes to go natural.

You can speed up the process. Read virgin hair fertilizer testimonials to learn how the product helped other women.

But, before you purchase it, learn how it can help your hair.

The First Step to Natural Hair

Once you decide to go natural, the first thing to do is to cut your hair. If you treated your hair chemically, you need to cut it off to allow your natural hair to grow.

However, before you do that, you need to make specific estimates. You want to learn the porosity level of your hair. And, you want to learn what is your hair type.

To learn your porosity level use the float test. It’s a test where you put a strand of hair into a glass of water. The speed by which the hair floats down determine the hair porosity. The faster it floats, the higher is the level of hair porosity, which is a bad trait.

Other than that, you want to check your hair type. Hair type refers to the shape of the hair, ranging from straight to completely curly.

With that, you are ready to grow your natural weave.

Growing the Natural Weave

Growing the Natural Weave
Growing the Natural Weave

Once you cut the hair, you let it grow, right?

Not exactly. The process of hair growth could take to up more than a year. Considering that you want to achieve a similar look before going natural – That’s not an option.

There are two things you can do. The first is to let it grow naturally. The second is to use hair growth products.

The products, of course, should be organic. Luckily, there’s a whole market of organic products for hair growth.

Hair Growth Products

The way to separate hair grow products is to categorize them as ready-to-use products and natural ingredients.

Ready-to-use products are shampoos, creams, gels, and conditioners. You can buy them in stores.

Natural ingredients are raw organic materials like oils and butter. You can apply them in that form for the best results.

Among growth hair products, Virgin Hair Fertilizer stands out as the best solution for hair growth.

Virgin Hair Fertilizer

Virgin Hair Fertilizer
Virgin Hair Fertilizer

It is a gel-like product that comes in tube packaging. Of course, there are various packages, including a can.

When you open it, it looks like vaseline. It has a strong distinct peppermint smell.

The product consists of various nourishing oils, creams, acids, and vitamins. Its primary purpose is hair growth. That makes it specific.

While there are various products that aid hair growth, It has hair growth as a specific goal.

Women report huge hair growth when they use it. The trick is to know how to use the product.

Virgin Hair Fertilizer Use

The use of the product is easy. It’s much harder to determine how much of the product to use.

To find the right amount, test your hair porosity, and determine your hair type. For example, thicker hair could withstand a greater amount of hair fertilizer.

However, thinner hair with high porosity could withstand only smaller amounts of hair fertilizer. Determine your hair type. So, let’s imagine that you have medium curly hair with average hair porosity.

Take a handful of fertilizer and apply it to your scalp. Rub it into your hair and scalp, with a specific focus on the edges of your hair.

The product takes effect once you feel a cooling, tingling sensation. At first, leave it up to 30 minutes, before washing it up. Track how it affects your hair. If you notice that your hair is thicker and longer, you can apply even more.

After you get to a specific hair length, you can stop using it. However, there’s a way to even improve that process.

Virgin Hair Fertilizer and Other Products

Virgin Hair Fertilizer and Other Products
Virgin Hair Fertilizer and Other Products

You can combine virgin hair fertilizer with other products. Virgin hair fertilizers stimulate hair growth, but it doesn’t aid or protect the hair.

While your hair may become longer and thicker, it’s still prone to porosity. So, you want to use other products like conditioners and shampoos that are rich in vitamins and acids.

Additionally, you can use oils and butter to improve the health of your hair. Make sure to spread the use of both virgin hair fertilizer and other products.

For example, you can use conditioners rich in keratin only once a month. These specific shampoos and virgin hair fertilizer you can use a few times per week. And, you can use oils and butter daily.

Of course, you don’t have to use all these products at the same time. Start with one or two. See how they work for you, and build from that.

Virgin Hair Fertilizer Concerns

Virgin Hair Fertilizer Concerns
Virgin Hair Fertilizer Concerns

Finally, before you use the product, always determine your hair type and porosity. If you understand what type of hair you need, the virgin hair fertilizer is going to have a positive effect on your hair.

However, if you misjudge your hair type, it is going to have an incomplete effect on your hair. Make sure to study hair types and porosity, read reviews online, and look for testimonials.

That way, you can reduce any unwanted effects and get the most out of it.

Buy Virgin Hair Fertilizer

Once you decide to go natural, virgin hair fertilizer could help you a lot. Make sure to test your hair type before you buy it.

The product could improve your life. Grow your weave faster, and enjoy your natural weave.








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