Warning Signs of Stress

We live in a very stressful world and we are not always aware that we are working ourselves too hard. Almost everyone ignores the signs of stress they experience daily and allow it to build up until they feel like their head is going to explode. Stress affects people in different ways, but there are a few signs of stress that keep appearing.

Warning Signs of Stress

1. Weakened immune system

A weakened immune system is one of the most common signs of stress. Stress can affect your immune system by releasing hormones, which help regulate your immune system. But the prolonged release of these hormones can cause opposite results. It can shrink the gland that produces the white blood cells, which help fight infections. Getting enough sleep and exercising will help boost your immunity.

2. Hair loss or graying hair

Another common sign of stress is graying hair or hair loss. Even though there is a variety of factors that can cause hair loss, stress is among the main reasons. According to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology hair loss is usually corrects itself once the stressful situation ends.

3. Headaches

When headaches appear more often or you are getting more tension headaches, it’s one of the warning signs of stress. Tension headache usually occurs randomly and it can feel like a tightening band-like sensation around your head with pain around your temples. If headaches occur more frequently, talk to your doctor about it.

4. Apathy

If you are under lots of stress for long periods of time, you may be feeling fatigue. People who are under stress tend to feel fatigued, but they can relieve the symptoms with stress reduction, nutrition and good rest. If you feel apathetic for a long period of time, it might be a chronic problem and you may need to see to your doctor.

5. Anxiety

With all the long to-do lists and deadlines we have, having anxiety in our lives is normal, but feeling anxious frequently can be from lots of stress. If the increase in anxiety is not a result of having too much stressors in your life, you need to talk to your doctor about it, since it could be a symptom of generalized anxiety disorder.

6. Cravings

If you find yourself craving more salty foods or sweets, stress could actually be the culprit! The thing is that craving these kinds of foods is your body’s natural response to exhaustion, because these foods can give you a quick boost. Be sure to make smart food choices to satisfy your cravings, or engage yourself in such activities as reading or walking.

7. Eyelid twitch

I’m sure many of us have experienced eyelid twitch. There are a few causes of it and one of them is stress, girls! According to The National Library of Medicine, the most common causes are caffeine, fatigue and stress. If you experience eyelid twitching frequently, cut back on caffeine, use eye drops to lubricate your eyes and try to sleep more.

8. Vomiting

This is another sign you are stressed out. Sometimes anxiety and stress can trigger a condition called cyclic vomiting syndrome, a condition in which you experience nausea and vomiting for a long period of time, usually at the same time daily. Drink plenty of water and try resting more. You can also practice meditation to help you cope with anxiety and stressors.

Do these signs sound familiar? While you cannot live a stress-free life, there are a lot of things you can do to change your reaction to it! Reading, exercising, or playing with your pet can help you to reduce stress! How do you usually relieve stress? Share your thoughts, please!


Warning Signs of Stress