Ways to Stop Biting Your Nails

Need to know some effective ways to stop biting your nails? Keep reading, I’ve got a few of them! Nail biting is one of the worst habits that many of us develop as a great way to calm our nerves. When you bite your nails, they look unattractive and that leaves you feeling self-conscious. Plus, nail biting makes you more susceptible to germs and infections. Here are a few tried and tested ways to stop biting your nails.

 Tried and Tested Ways to Stop Biting Your Nails

1. Keep your nails looking good

The first step to stop biting your nails is keeping your nails looking pretty. I’m far less likely to bite my nails when they’re so nice and pretty. Always keep your nails looking good and stop biting your nails!

2. Find another way to worry

Many people bite their nails out of stress and worry. You should try to find another way to direct that energy. For instance, write down your concerns, go for a walk, or call your friend.

3. Bitter nail polish

If your nails are nubs and you do not have much to keep good, try to grow them out a little. Buy a bitter nail polish and apply a coat every morning and keep it with you and reapply during the day. You can buy a bitter nail polish at all retail stores.

4. Keep your hands busy

It’s difficult to chew your fingers, if they are moving, right? Stop biting your nails by learning how to knit or finding an object to keep your hands busy when you’re doing nothing and more likely to bite.

5. Set goals and rewards

When trying to stop biting your nails, it’s important to set goals and rewards in order to encourage yourself. You can reward yourself with a chocolate or a new nail polish after a few days of no biting. After a week or even two, you can go for a professional manicure. And after a couple of months of success, you can reward yourself with a beautiful ring, of course, if you can afford it.

6. Remind yourself of your goals

If you catch yourself biting your nails, think of all the things your fingers have been in contact with through the day. Remember even the cleanest hands can have lingering bacteria and dirt. It isn’t fun things to think of, but it can help you to stop chewing your nails. Also, be sure to remind yourself of your goals and rewards you’re working towards.

7. Ask your family and friends to help you

If you can’t fight this battle alone, why not ask your family and friends to help you? Just be honest with them when they ask you about your nail biting. Ask them to severely reprimand you if they see you biting your nails. Or, give your family and friends spray bottles and ask them to spray you when they see you begin to nibble.

These ways are just meant to help you stop chewing your nails so you can grow the long nails you’ve always dreamt of. If you’re a former nail biter, how did you stop biting your nails? Share your tips, please.


Ways to Stop Biting Your Nails