Wearing Red Lipstick

Lipstick is an essential part of almost every woman’s daily makeup routine.  However, many women shy away from the red tones they find in the cosmetic aisle. Fortunately, you can pull off those brave shades with a little lipstick know-how. Here are ten dos and don’ts of wearing red lipstick:

1. Wear darker foundation

 Do wear darker foundation

If you’re going to go bold with your lip color, you’ve got to have a complementary backdrop for your face.  For those with lighter skin tones, it’s a good idea to choose foundations that will provide darker, olive bases.  Red lips can be too much of a contrast against pale skin.  The darker your lips are, the darker your foundation should be.


2. Don’t be afraid to blend different colors

Don't be afraid to blend different colors

Do you like the look of red lipstick, but think it might be too loud for you?  There’s an easy solution: customize your shade.  Simply take a lighter hue like coral or mauve and blend it with that rose or burgundy you’ve been eyeing. The result will be a more muted tone that nearly anyone will be comfortable wearing.


3. Use it for the right occasion

.Do use it for the right occasion

While everyone loves red, luscious lips, the look isn’t appropriate for every social situation.  Some of the deeper shades can be a little jarring to people you run into at the gym or the kids’ soccer game.  Likewise, you want everyone to be listening to your business proposal at that morning office meeting, not staring at your lips.  Only paint your kisser red when you know you’re dealing with a fun, playful atmosphere, such as a night out with the girls. Then, you’ll be one step ahead in painting the town red!


4. Don’t overdo it

Don't overdo it

If you want to avoid all the lipstick smudges and stains, you can start by only applying a light coating to your lips. This is especially important for red lipstick since it’s easier to spot on teeth and collars.  Rolling once or twice around your lips should be sufficient to achieve the desired effect.  For even more control of your coverage, spread the lipstick using a lip brush.  Just remember that a little dab will do you.


5. Use a lip liner

Do use a lip liner

Using lipstick without a liner can lead to unnecessary smudging and streaking, especially when you’re wearing a red tone. To make sure that lipstick stays where it should, apply a matching liner around the rim of your lips.  Once your lips are lined, fill in with your favorite tube of red.  Now your lipstick will last just as long as your night out!


6. Don’t go dark if you have thin lips

Don't go dark if you have thin lips

If your lips are on the thinner side, you might want to avoid deeper tones of red.  The thing is, dark colors will make your lips appear smaller. Pick a lighter hue for a plumper look.


7. Pair it with a bold outfit

Do pair it with a bold outfit

When you’re putting on lipstick, it’s important to think about what you’ll be wearing.  Your wardrobe choice should dictate the shade you select. You never want to pair dark red with a frilly, girly ensemble. A sweet shade of pink would be much more suited to that look. On the other hand, your little black dress or the latest runway fashion would each be the perfect pairing for that candy apple you’ve been meaning to try. You can wear red lipstick with conviction when you know you’ve got edgy clothes to match.


8. Don’t wear too much jewelry around your face

Don't wear too much jewelry around your face

Red lips can act as much like accessories as diamond necklaces or pairs of hoop earrings. In fact, you should treat your lips like jewelry. Less is more. Opt for a small choker and some simple studs so your ruby reds will take center stage.


9. Find the right lipstick for you

Do find the right lipstick for you

Deciding on a lipstick is a very personal experience. You may know that you’d like one that’s red, but the rest of your decisions should be based on your personal taste. You should take the time to try out different brands, shades and finishes until you find the one that fits your unique style.  From bright to deep and glossy to matte, you’re sure to find one that works for you.


10. Don’t be afraid

Don't be afraid

Wearing red lipstick is about more than just the color; it’s about the attitude.  Be confident!  Sometimes you just have to go for it. Red lipstick may not be for everyone, but you’ll never know if it’s right for you if you don’t try it out. Take the risk and you may be glad you did.  After all, you can’t have a big payoff if you don’t gamble a little!

When it comes to makeup, every woman’s routine should start with a great tube of lipstick.  Why not give red a shot?  Whether you choose a tone that’s light or dark, everyone will be jealous of your daring look.  Going red may make all your friends green with envy!



Wearing Red Lipstick