What are the Health Benefits of a Soundproof Home?

What are the Health Benefits of a Soundproof Home? It is rightly said that health is wealth! Noise disturbance might not sound alarming at the beginning but it can definitely take a toll on your overall well-being. According to studies, persistent noise can have a negative impact on the human bodies and also increases agitation and aggression. A soundproof home is indeed the key to bringing the calmness back into our lives that are constantly noisy and loud.

We usually associate our homes with the place where we can feel peaceful and stress-free. But the disturbances from outside and noise can be a huge distraction. However, you can soundproof your apartment or home to make it calmer and deal with all the unnecessary sound.

After a tiring day at work, you deserve to come home to a peaceful environment where you can simply relax. You can make this happen by soundproofing your apartment.

What is the correlation between noise, health issues and stress?

It has been constantly proven through research that a lot of health issues are related to stress. And noise is one of the major contributors to stress. This is more common in the urban lifestyle due to regular exposure to all the noise caused by traffic. Living a noise-free life is now a luxury.

Silence plays an important role in today’s hectic lifestyle as it refreshes the mind and also improves the memory. A lot of automobile manufacturers have also taken this into consideration and included soundproofing features. Not to mention the headphone players in the market which are making features like noise cancellation more popular.

Thus, reduced noise leads to reduced stress which significantly helps in improving the health. If you remove noise and its counter effects from the equation then you can definitely see the positive effects on health. This is also why practices like meditation are becoming more popular. People are becoming more health oriented and soundproofing your home can significantly help in doing so.

Benefits of a quiet home

Eliminating noise completely is not viable but you can significantly reduce it. Here are some of the positive impacts of a quiet home.

  • Lower stress level:

    A quiet environment reduces stress and leads to relaxation, better communication and improved relationships. Majority of the ailments and diseases have their roots in stress and soundproofing your home can actually contribute to improving your health.

  • Curbing insomnia:

    Insomnia is a common problem and studies have shown that it is linked to a disturbance in sleep due to noise. Reduced noise and better soundproofing can lead to a sound sleep thus curbing insomnia and sleeping disorders.

  • Improved brain function:

    With more silence and improved sleep, rejuvenation is accelerated which improves performance. This leads to emotional wellbeing and improved brain functioning.

  • Better Concentration:

    Having a less noisy environment can help you with a concentration at work. As the environment for work and studies is conducive, productivity increases. In today’s digital era where freelancers work from home, soundproofing can help a lot in focusing on the tasks.

  • Better rest:

    People tend to sleep for longer hours when they are undisturbed and are in a calm environment. Sleep is vital for the health and so soundproofing your home is the best way of going about it. Having some “me time” is also important to connect with yourself during the day. Better rest also improves intelligence and performance.

  • Peace of mind:

    Having peace of mind is indeed a luxury these days. After the hectic day and office work, it is very natural to feel the need for relaxation and peace. When you soundproof your apartment, you can always come back to the safe and peaceful space that is your home.

  • Improved relationships:

    When you are not drained and exhausted by the external noise and sound, you can actually spend quality time with your family. A calm environment at home fosters deeper bonding among the family members.

Some of the Ways We Could Improve on Having a Calm Atmosphere at Home

  • You can turn off the notifications of your mobile phone and laptop to ensure that there is no unnecessary noise. It will stop the unnecessary diversion and you can ensure a calmer atmosphere at home.
  • You should make it a point to use headphones while watching a video or listening to music so that other family members are not disturbed and the silence is maintained. You can also ask for cooperation from your family members for the same.
  • The way you place your furniture also plays an important in sound absorption. You can opt for soft furnishings that do not reflect the sound, unlike the hard ones. Floor insulation and usage of thicker curtains could be one of the ways in which you can soundproof your space. Knowing how to soundproof your door also helps to reduce the noise travelling between rooms.
  • Soundproofing your apartment or home is the ultimate solution to ensure a calmer atmosphere at home. You can invest in a thick carpet that can absorb most of the sound and help in reducing the noise.
  • Invest in a lot of pillows as they absorb sound and you can keep them in your living room or bedroom wherever you wish. You can also get your room painted with soundproof paint and get soundproof wallpapers for your apartment.

Thus, a calm home is a gateway to improved health and mental peace. Your house is the only place where you expect a sense of serenity and you can very well achieve it by making your home soundproof. With soundproofing hacks and techniques you can block the unnecessary noise.

There are various ways in which you can soundproof your space. You can upgrade your windows to thicker ones and also change the curtains to layered ones with thick material. These tips can help you block the noise and also reduced the reverberation of it.

Reducing the noise is directly proportional to the stress in your body. Stress reduction naturally prevents the ailments and diseases that affect health.





What are the Health Benefits of a Soundproof Home?

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