What Women Need To Know About Golf Before Getting Started

What Women Need To Know About Golf Before Getting Started : Sometimes it can feel like a more difficult decision for a woman to take up the game than it is for a man. Golf is without a doubt a male dominated sport. However this does not mean that women should shy away from golf. There are so many benefits to getting started in golf that it is absolutely worth a shot. Here are 5 things women should know before getting started in golf.

Equipment is Important

Golf equipment matters. If your brother has an old set of your grandfathers sitting in the garage these are likely not going to be a great fit for you.

Women golfers need lightweight graphite shafts that allow for better ball flight, distance and forgiveness.

In addition the golf clubs should be built to a women’s length. Most women golfers enjoy a set with more hybrids and fairway woods than a set that is very heavy on irons.

If someone tells you that any equipment will do for a beginner, this is not true.

Commit The Time

Golf takes a significant time commitment. You have to take time to practice, take lessons and work on your game in addition to playing the course.

Playing the golf course is fun and it’s what we prepare for, but it can’t be the only time you spend on the course.

If you are serious about taking up this outdoor sport, ensure that you are ready to commit the time.

Learn to Play Fast

One of the most important lessons that women golfers should learn how to play. There are tips and tricks that lead to a faster pace of play, and it is essential to follow these.

When you learn to play fast, you can play with golfers of any handicap. Great players will tell you that they don’t mind playing with people that shoot high scores. However, those that can’t keep the pace of play moving are frustrating to play with.

Talk to your golf course professional or a good friend about how to play fast and keep things moving.

Get Involved With Friends and Leagues

Golf is supposed to be fun. When you play a game with friends and those who are also new to the game, it is entertaining and enjoyable.

Most golf courses have groups and leagues that you can get involved with. In addition to being fun socially, you will have a reason to get out there and work on your game each week.

Many new women golfers will put a lot of pressure on themselves to play well. The added pressure only makes the game more challenging. If you want to play well, you must relieve stress and realize why golf can be fun. Getting involved with friends, clinics, and leagues is the best way to do this.

Short Game is Where You Can Stand Out

It won’t take long to see that most men golfers can hit the ball quite a bit further than female golfers. Although this can be frustrating at times, it is no reason to be discouraged.

Women golfers have an equal chance to be great short game players. Practicing putting and chipping is going to help ensure that you can learn to score. Even if it takes you three shots to get to the green, one putt can still make it a par.

The short game is the easiest part of golf to practice. You can practice making putts on your living room carpet and hit some chips and pitches around your yard. There is no excuse not to have an excellent short game; it is simply a time commitment.


When you take up the game of golf, there will be a lot of unsolicited advice. People will give you information that you may or may not need, and it is complicated to filter the good from the bad. If you are smart about the steps you take and who you listen to, you will quickly fall in love with the game of golf. Make sure to stay committed and invest the time; although the results may not be quick, in the end, they will pay off.






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What Women Need To Know About Golf Before Getting Started

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