Why Do Women Ignore Any Thought of Strength Training?

Why Do Women Ignore Any Thought of Strength Training? You’ve probably noticed that most women ignore strength training with extra load. At the mere mention of weight training or workout on machines, women very quickly give up and say that they don’t want muscles but just to tighten and tone up their bodies. It isn’t quite clear to them what exactly tightening or toning up is, they just know that they don’t want to use weights.

When we talk about strength training, 3 terms are most often mentioned that refer to a workout: muscle toning, muscle shaping, and sculpted body. It’s precisely these terms that are misused.

  • Muscle toning – in sports science, the term is used for the condition and strength of muscles during contraction. It can be improved during training but isn’t something that can be seen. In many magazines, you’ll find tips for muscle toning, such as light exercises, a large number of repetitions, practically without fatigue. But that isn’t the case in practice – you need strength training.
  • Shaping – Muscles can’t be shaped. Their shape is given to us at birth. You can only make them smaller or bigger in relation to the neighboring muscles.
  • Sculpted body – the least meaningless term of these three. This is somewhat possible in the sense that you develop certain parts of the body through training but you can’t sculpt the body until you build muscles.

How Do You Think You’ll Get the Perfect Bottom?

You can often see girls on social networks uploading pictures of their buttocks before going to the gym and after a certain period of training. In later photos, you’ll notice that the girls are very handsome and have beautiful butts. Do you know how come they are so beautifully shaped and what’s actually under the skin – fat or muscle?

In the case when it’s fat, it doesn’t look nicely tightened and lifted and there’s fat all around so the buttocks aren’t nicely expressed. OK, you realize it’s all muscle underneath. The girls in question couldn’t do such butts solely on group trainings or on cardio equipment. This is done in the part of the gym where the boys work out. Yes, yes, with weights, with the heavy weights. It has to hurt a little a day after workout, it has to hurt while you work, it has to be hard, it has to irritate the muscle to wake it up to grow.

Some aspects of gaining strength in professional sports can be applied in the context of strength training of ordinary people in the gym.

“I use fitness baselines to determine whether a player is ready or not,” says Tumi Masekela, the strength and conditioning coach for the South Africa men’s cricket team.

Without being confident that you’re capable, for example, of shaping your bottom like fitness models, you’ll struggle in the gym.

“Confidence is closely related to being match fit,” stresses cricketer Kevin Pietersen, who played 275 internationals for England. “No player is free of niggles or little injuries, but I never ever went into an England match without being confident that I had put in the perfect preparation for it. Perfection in my practice was the reason for my consistent performances.”

Strength Training to Remove Fat Deposits

In addition to the fact that strength training is responsible for the beautiful appearance of the body, it’s very useful in order to reduce fat deposits.

Muscle strength training leads to an increase in muscle mass which leads to an increase in basal metabolism, which then increases energy expenditure. While doing strength training, an insignificant number of calories are consumed but in the next 72 hours after training, about 400 kcal are consumed.

The organism must repair micro-injuries in the muscle, micro-traumas that are made during training, and for that, it needs a certain amount of energy. Muscle tissue consumes 3 times more calories than adipose tissue!

Precisely, because of the breakdown of muscle tissue, which is the main consumer of energy from fat, all diets deprived of physical activity are doomed to failure at the start.

If proteins aren’t taken in, the organism breaks down a part of its own proteins to amino acids, which are further subject to the process of deamination and oxidation. This is a mandatory daily loss of 20 – 30g, so the minimum daily intake in that amount is recommended. However, the daily intake of protein should be 0.8g – 2g per kg of body weight. So, if you weigh 50kg, you need 40 to 100g of protein. According to research, maintaining muscle mass is also important due to better immunity of the organism, i.e. increased resistance to disease.

So, don’t be afraid of strength training although you’re a woman. Don’t introduce restrictive diets and unnecessarily exhaust your body for some insignificant result. Well-planned training, quality nutrition – and results are there. No starvation – a healthy diet and exercise are what’s required!








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Why Do Women Ignore Any Thought of Strength Training?

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