Working Out at Home vs the Gym: Can You Get the Same Workout?

Working Out at Home vs the Gym: Can You Get the Same Workout?
Working Out at Home vs the Gym: Can You Get the Same Workout?

Working Out at Home vs the Gym: Can You Get the Same Workout? During a pandemic, many people are opting to work out at home rather than pay for a gym membership. While this may ease safety concerns, it presents another issue. Does working out at home vs the gym have the same level of effectiveness?

Truthfully, it all depends on the workout. This article is going to highlight some of the benefits of working out at home and share some tips on making workouts effective!

Working Out at Home vs the Gym: Pros & Cons

Pros of working out at the gym are the amenities. Gyms have a wide range of equipment for all fitness types, including cardio and strength options. Additionally, gyms tend to offer fitness classes that can provide a structured workout session.

Like classes, gyms may have personal training staff that helps individuals achieve their fitness goals.

However, these amenities and options are costly, working out at home eliminates a monthly membership expense. Gyms are also crowded. Attending at the wrong time may interfere with a workout plan if certain equipment is being used by other members.

Alternatively, working out at home allows for workout freedom. No need to worry about other people on the equipment or in the locker rooms. It also saves time by removing the commute to and from the gym from the schedule.

Staying Motivated at Home

Fear of working out at home is finding the motivation to exercise. Gyms allow for focus, whereas being at home, it’s easy to get distracted by chores or other household responsibilities.

Finding a friend or partner to workout with provides accountability for getting exercise in, and makes working out more enjoyable.

Timing and location can also promote consistency. Planning a workout schedule makes it harder to find excuses for not exercising. Designating a specific spot in the house for working out creates a focused workout environment, where it’s less likely to be distracted by things around the house.

Home Workout Requirements

To get fit at home, it’s important to implement three areas of exercise: cardio, strength, and stretching.

Cardiovascular exercise, such as walking, running, cycling, or swimming, builds endurance and promotes heart and lung health.

Strength exercises, or resistance training, are all about maintaining and building muscle. This includes any kind of exercise that is done with free weights, weight machines, resistance bands, or bodyweight. Incorporating these exercises promotes muscle and bone health.

Lastly, and often the most neglected of exercises is stretching.

Engaging in flexibility exercises before working out warms up the muscles. This allows the muscles to move more efficiently, and it prevents injury.

Optional Equipment

Most at-home workouts, such as cardio or flexibility exercises, can be done without equipment. Strength training can be achieved with bodyweight exercises. This includes squats, lunges, planks, push-ups, and sit-ups.

However, muscle is gained more effectively with progressive overload, or increasing weight used during exercise.

Work out at home most effectively with a couple of barbells and free weights. This equipment is relatively inexpensive, easily accessible, and provides a lot more opportunities for workouts.

Make a Plan

Working out at home vs the gym can be just as effective. Ultimately, the biggest factor of an effective workout is consistency. As long as you’re engaging in a frequent exercise in or out of the gym, you can accomplish your fitness goals.

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Working Out at Home vs the Gym: Can You Get the Same Workout?

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