10 Misconceptions about Facelift Surgery

10 Misconceptions about Facelift Surgery
10 Misconceptions about Facelift Surgery

10 Misconceptions about Facelift Surgery : Over the last decade, the amount of non-surgical facial cosmetic procedure options has significant increased. The choices available today for plastic surgery patients are more plentiful than ever. Minor cosmetic facial procedure patients can now enhance their appearance without anesthesia and surgery.

In addition to this industry advancement, myths about facelifts have also increased. As this remains a top-performed procedure, lets address 10 common misconceptions about facelift surgery.


  1. Non-surgical injections and fillers will yield the same results as surgery

    These methods to treating the aging face have influenced a cosmetic industry revolution. However, surgical facelift procedures provides contour sculpting and enhancements that can’t be achieved through injections and fillers. Nonsurgical facial cosmetic procedures are better choices for those looking for short-term results.

  2. Only females can get facelifts

    Just like women, men also experience aging of the face. Although the procedure’s inception was influenced by females, men patients have increased more than 25% over the last two decades. Males currently make up 12% of facelift patients.

  3. This procedure is for older individuals

    The average age for people opting for facelift surgery is 33-45. There are no age regulations in regards to facelift operations. This procedure is based on personal cosmetic goals. Younger patient populations have increased over the last several years.

  4. It takes a long time to heal

    When this procedure was introduced to the medical field, pain persisted and recovery took months. This is no longer the case due to industry growth. Recovery is now less than a month. The healing process is significantly influenced by the patient’s post-surgery treatment routine.

  5. Facelifts won’t leave scars

    As with any surgical procedure, Incisions are made and will eventually produce scarring. However, these scars are hidden in natural creases and are typically unnoticeable in size and texture.

  6. Results from this surgery are permanent

    Although results are long-term, there are factors that can change the longevity of your results. This includes overall health and more specifically tobacco smoking. A patient’s genetic make up will also play a factor. Typically, results from this procedure lasts between 6-12 years.

  7. My face will look artificial

    This is one of the most common misconceptions. Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon will produce natural-appearing results. Qualified surgeons undergo vigorous training to ensure efficient practice.

  8. Only rich people can afford this surgery

    This is not true. Millions of individuals get facelift surgery every year. Most of them are working class people who are not rich.

  9. This procedure stops facial aging

    Although this surgery helps restore youthful appearance, it does not stop your body from aging post-operation.

  10. Facial aging can only be treated through facelift operations

    This is false. Depending on your goals and symptoms, other methods such as the eyebrow lift can also be beneficial. Consulting with your surgeon can help you decide.

Cosmetic procedures have significantly increased over the last decade. Board qualified surgeons and practices like Bridges to Beauty in Shreveport, LA are helping push the plastic surgery industry forward.







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10 Misconceptions about Facelift Surgery

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