5 Sustainable Essentials for Your Home

5 Sustainable Essentials for Your Home : If you love home décor and interior design but also care about the environment, how can you do your part to create an inviting atmosphere while caring about the planet?

Here are a few essentials you may need in your home that is sustainable for you and the Earth:

Sustainable bedding

We all want comfortable beds and bedding, but do you know where your bedroom items come from? Consider shopping for bamboo sheets and sustainable bedding that isn’t only designed with the environment in mind but is also highly comfortable.

Just because sheets and blankets are made from sustainable or recycled materials doesn’t mean they won’t feel as luxurious as the silkiest silk sheets—just in a different (and more environmentally friendly) way.

Reusable bags for shopping

Using shopping bags may be necessary for buying groceries, but you don’t have to use the plastic ones provided at the supermarket. Invest in high-quality insulated grocery tote bags that are easy to carry and hold plenty of products. Consider investing in options that are easy to wash as well.

While it takes discipline to remember these bags every time you go to the supermarket, it’s worth the effort. Plus, who wants to collect a plethora of plastic bags? Also, in some states, supermarkets charge for the use of plastic bags, so also think about the money you’ll save every time you go to buy groceries and use your reusable bag.

Water tumblers

We all need to hydrate, and drinking water throughout the day is vital for your health. However, plastic water bottles are one of the biggest problems when it comes to plastic waste. Drink your water daily and regularly, but do so using environmentally friendly water tumblers designed to keep your water cold—much better for you and better for the planet!

Additionally, they typically carry more water than your average water bottle, so you can be sure to drink much more water than you would if you picked up a plastic water bottle when you’re thirsty.

Paperless towels

Paper towels account for a lot of waste in the home. Avoid this by investing in cloth towels that can be washed regularly to keep your home clean while also doing your part for the planet. Some great designs can be used repeatedly while also created to soak up messes, much like paper towels do, but with less of an impact on the environment.

Make sure you purchase your paperless towels from companies that practice sustainable habits in the manufacturing of their products.

Living a more sustainable life
Living a more sustainable life

Glass containers

To avoid using plastic in your home and keep your food fresh, turn to glass wear with lids that you can easily close. Ideal for leftovers or anything else you may need refrigerated, you can replace plastic containers, Ziploc bags, and more by shopping for glass jars and other glass wear designed for use in the kitchen. Not to mention you can even try using reusable ‘Ziploc’ bags that you can wash after each use.

You’d be amazed at how much better jars can keep your food than your typical plastic containers that often get worn out quickly with multiple washes. Glass offers both sustainability and longevity, and there are some great options for glass containers online.


Living a more sustainable life means building habits in your home and investing in products created with the planet in mind. These items mentioned above are only a few of the ways that you can live a more sustainably friendly lifestyle. It may not be easy to make the changes, but our planet will appreciate the effort.




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5 Sustainable Essentials for Your Home

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