Dental Implant Procedure Explained in 3 Simple Steps

Dental Implant Procedure Explained in 3 Simple Steps : There are multiple reasons a person might lose a tooth. From injuries to decay, tooth loss can be embarrassing. Because of the advances made in dental science, dental professionals can now permanently replace missing teeth with dental implants.

Those who have missing teeth need to be aware of the steps involved in a dental implant procedure.

What are Dental Implants?

A Dentist can put a dental implant anywhere in a person’s smile. A dental implant consists of three different parts that are combined to create one working unit. The dental implant base is made of titanium, the only metal that will fully be accepted by the body and grow bone tissue around it. Therefore, a dental implant is a permanent tooth replacement option.

The second part is the abutment and it allows the prosthetic crown to be attached. Once all three have been properly joined, the only visible portion is the dental implant.

Three Simple Steps for Dental Implant Placement

The process of putting a dental implant in place is a simple one, but it does require more than one visit to the dental office. The following are the steps a patient will go through if they decide to have a dental implant put in place to replace their missing teeth.

  1. First, the patient will go through an in-office surgical procedure that involves the placement of the dental implant base. This base is placed down in the socket and into the jawbone. The patient must wait for the new bone growth to occur so the next step in the process can occur.
  2. An abutment can be made of different materials, including metal. It attaches to the dental implant base and protrudes through the gum tissue. During this appointment, the dentist will make a small opening in the gum tissue to expose the implant base so the abutment can be attached.
  3. Finally, a dental crown will be placed over the top of the abutment. The dental crown completely hides the abutment so the implant looks completely natural. Dental crowns are made to exacting specifications to ensure they fully blend in with the patient’s natural teeth.

Dental Implants Can Last a Lifetime

Though the dental crown will need to be replaced after ten to fifteen years, the dental implant base will remain in place for the rest of the person’s life. It is rare for any damage to occur to the tooth implant base, outside of blunt force trauma.

Seeing the dentist on a regular basis is important for properly maintaining the dental implant and ensuring no damages occur. With proper maintenance, dental implants will continue to make a person’s smile look beautifully complete.

Also, Full mouth dental implant treatment is perfect for people looking for an alternative to dentures and a solution to missing.


If you are missing one or more teeth, now is the time to see about dental implants and how they can transform your smile. The first step you should take in the process is seeking a consultation appointment. If you are found to be a good candidate, the process can be started right away.

Dental implants can be placed anywhere there is a tooth missing. Implants not only make a person’s smile look more attractive, but they also help a person to be able to chew more effectively. Implants can restore your smile, while also restoring your self-confidence. Do not allow missing teeth to cause you embarrassment. There are now permanent dental treatments that can fully restore your smile and make it beautiful.





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Dental Implant Procedure Explained in 3 Simple Steps

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