Features Defining Support Provided By Sports Bras

Features Defining Support Provided By Sports Bras
Features Defining Support Provided By Sports Bras

Features Defining Support Provided By Sports Bras : The kind of support that the breast needs depends on the type of activity that women undertake and it can vary from low support to medium support to high support. When you are shopping for sports bras online, you must know that the bra that you wear when doing yoga will not help when you are running.

For example, activities like walking, yoga and strength training require low breast support, road cycling, skiing and moderate hiking require medium breast support and the highest support is necessary when you are running, doing mountain biking or aerobics. The basic function of sports bras is to support the breasts for minimizing movement, and the construction features help to achieve the goal.

The construction and design features of sports bra determine the kind of support it can provide

Sports bra construction

  • Encapsulation sports bras
    The concept of the design of this type of bras is to surround each breast with individual cups that support it properly. The construction is similar to bras for daily wear that can withstand low impact activities. The bras help to maintain the natural shape of the breasts.
  • Compression sports bras
    The design of compression bras makes the wearer pull it over the head when wearing or removing the bra that compresses the breasts against the chest wall to minimize movements. The bra does not have any cups and suits those who indulge in low to medium impact activities.
  • Compression and encapsulation sports bras
    For creating a supportive and comfortable style, many sports bras adapt the design by combining the features of compression and encapsulation bras. The result is that these bras provide better support than the individual designs can, and this makes the bras most suited for high impact activities.

Designs of sports bras

The sports bra designs differ not only in the constructional feature but also according to the strap type used in the design. Accordingly, there are crisscross bras, tank top bras and racerback bras.

  • Crisscross
    The bra straps have a role together with the back band in supporting the breasts although the latter provides maximum support. The crisscross design of straps in the back enhances the support that the ordinary straps on the shoulders. Crisscross bras have the ability to make a fashion statement by themselves while it can also remain nicely concealed underneath a sporty tank top depending on the style preference of users.
  • Tank Top
    The strap style is similar to the shoulder hugging straps of the traditional daily wear bras, but the straps of Tank Top are adjustable to enhance the fit and support. Often, tank top bras come with a back closure for additional adjustment option. For versatility, some designs have the provision for users doing a crisscross with the straps.
  • Racerback
    The design of the straps create a Y shape on the back as the shoulder straps run through the shoulder blades. These bras provide good support for medium to high impact activities but as there is no provision for adjustment, choosing the right size and fit is very important.

Normally, wider straps provide more support while the thin straps are easier to conceal.





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Features Defining Support Provided By Sports Bras

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