Help Your Child Quit Vaping

Help Your Child Quit Vaping
Help Your Child Quit Vaping

Help Your Child Quit Vaping : There are people who say that vaping is much safer than using the usual cigarette. Some even say that this is their way of breaking the bad habit of smoking. But, the truth is, the use of an electronic cigarette or vape, is as dangerous as it is with normal cigarettes. Vaping should also be a concern for parents because there are also kids who are using this vaping device. Thus, it is important that a school should have vaping prevention measures to ensure that your children are not using such a device.

If you are one of those who hasn’t heard of vaping yet, vaping is a category of smoking whereby one inhales the vapor is created by an electronic cigarette or e-cigarette, or some other vaping device. An e-cigarette is a smoking device that is a battery-powered. These have cartridges that are filled with a liquid which usually contains nicotine, flavorings and other chemicals. This liquid is then heated and then converts into a vapor which the person inhales. This is why when using an e-cigarette, it is called vaping.

There are possible effects that vaping can bring to the human body. One main effect of vaping is that it puts nicotine inside the body. When a person is taking in nicotine, there is a chance that such a person will be addicted to it because of its innate addictive feature. And when a person consumes nicotine, it can greatly affect brain development.

Vaping is essentially new, therefore there really no definite answer as to its effects on the body over time. But the one thing that is definite is e-cigarettes contain nicotine, and nicotine has the following effects:

  • Nicotine is a very addictive chemical
  • Nicotine can cause the brain development to slow down especially with kids and teens, thereby affecting their memory, their concentration, their learning, their self-control, their attention, and their mood.
  • Nicotine can also escalate the risk of other types of addiction as adults.

Aside from nicotine, there are also those who use e-cigarettes to vape marijuana, THC oil, and other dangerous drugs. And aside from the fact that this irritates the lungs, these dangerous drugs can also greatly affect how someone thinks, acts, and feels.

Currently, there are already many types of e-cigarettes, but the most common kind is Juul. This type of e-cigarette looks like a thumb drive and this can also be charged in a laptop’s USB port. This also produces a minimal amount of smoke as compared to other e-cigarette products. And because of this, there are teens that are using the Juul to vape at home or at school. Crucially, the nicotine levels of Juul are of the same amount as cigarettes.

Sure, a person may not vape every day, but this still does not give a guaranty that a person will never be addicted. Addiction varies from one person to another, and the phase will not always going to be the same. Frankly, there are still people who get addicted to vaping even if they do not vape every day.

One may argue that there are e-cigarettes which do not contain nicotine. Sure. But, most e-cigarettes usually have nicotine in it, even with those which do not have chemicals in them. These chemicals when inhaled can cause irritation and damage to the lungs. So even if the long-term effects of vaping e-cigarettes which do not contain nicotine are still not known, it is much better to prevent a person to get dependent on vaping before it’s too late.

If you notice that your child is into vaping, then you might want to have them quit vaping before it can get worse, or before they might fall deep into addiction. People whom vape will need the right amount of motivation and reason to quit. One essential reason that you can give them is the impact of vaping on their health, and that you want to see them in their best and healthiest version. Below are some other motivations that you may impart:

  • In terms of addiction – addiction, when it exists in the growing brain, this may open up pathways towards addiction to other dangerous substances.
  • Assessing brain risks – because the body is consuming nicotine, this will have an effect on the development of the brain especially for kids and teens. This will eventually make your child suffer problems in terms of concentration. There are also going to be brain changes which can be permanent and ultimately affect the child’s mood and impulse control later on.
  • Explain the consequences in the use of tobacco products – make them understand that there are studies which show that when a person vapes, this opens a door to such person to try other types of tobacco products like the regular cigarettes, cigars, hookahs.
  • Explain the presence of toxins – the vapor that is being produced by the e-cigarette is not made out of the water. The vapor from the e-cigarette can contain harmful chemicals and that there are also those fine particles that are being inhaled into the lungs and exhales to the environment.
  • Motivate them to excel at sports – make them understand that to be able to be effective in sports, they should be in their most optimum health, which can be decreased if they will continue to vape.
  • Money matters – the cost of vaping is expensive. Make them understand that there are other things which they can put their money on to good use other than buying something which harms the body.

To help your child to successfully quit vaping, you should be able to make your kids understand the risk involved when they vape. If your child is heavily addicted, then you should be around them, so that you can support them especially when the symptoms of withdrawal are kicking in.

You should also check into local programs and sites that help people to quit vaping and then suggest it to your child. It is also a good measure if the school of your child has vaping prevention measures in place. In this way, you know that you are being reinforced towards making your child quit vaping.







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Help Your Child Quit Vaping

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