How To Make Your Move Easier

How To Make Your Move Easier : Moving to a new home involves a lot of stress. It’s not just moving your stuff, but packing, planning, taking time off from work and organizing people to help you. There are a lot of angles to cover, and the more you wait, the more straining the whole experience becomes.

Start packing months in advance of your moving date and spend about an hour a day handling stuff you won’t need right away. Miracle Movers know all about organizing a move, so here are a few handy tips to make the moving process more manageable and less stressful.

Time To Declutter

We all like to hoard stuff, and most of us have trouble finding space for new clothes or shoes because we can’t get rid of clothes we didn’t wear in years. Moving is the perfect opportunity to finally donate or throw away clothes you will never wear again. Decluttering is the first step towards ensuring your move is smooth.

The less stuff you have to pack and move, the better. Additionally, decluttering your closet will make you feel better since it will eliminate the excess stuff. Make sure you sweep every room and divide the things into two groups, what goes to the new apartment and what you can get rid of.

This process will make your life much easier as you will finally have a good enough reason to dispose of things you know you’ll never need again.

Make A Budget

Moves can rapidly become expensive if you leave everything for the last minute and don’t sit down to make a list of required costs. The idea is to try to spend less and get the job done. The first step is to check a few moving companies, compare prices, and check their resume to see which fits you best.

Do you have a vehicle, or do you need to rent that as well? You also need to consider what you are moving. Can you pack everything in boxes, or do you want to move furniture too? Good companies can cover all your needs, from carefully storing your boxes into a vehicle to unloading it into the new apartment. You don’t necessarily need to shell extra cash for moving supplies; look around your neighborhood and see if retailers are giving away boxes they don’t need. Try to pick a less busy time of the day and week, and this will probably cost less and be faster.

Time To Pack

Packing can be very exhausting and time-consuming. You never know much work there will be until you start, and starting in advance is key to making the transition more bearable. There are ways to speed up the move by being more practical. For example, you can extract drawers from the dresser and wrap them in paper.

You don’t need to empty and pack everything in a box, only to put it back in the drawers. You can apply a similar rule to clothes. Leave them on the hangers and wrap them up in garbage bags. For better navigation, put stickers on every bag and box to shorten the time needed to find what you need.

Use socks, towels, and underwear to protect fragile items like lamps, vases, paintings, or glass.


Packing and moving is only two-thirds of the job, and it is vital to push yourself a bit further when you arrive at your new home and unpack as quickly as possible. If you are feeling lazy, you can invite a few friends over and organize a semi-party where they will first help you unpack essentials, and later you can all relax





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How To Make Your Move Easier

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