How To Reduce Anxiety

How To Reduce Anxiety
How To Reduce Anxiety
  • Practice honesty

    In particular, you should be honest with yourself. You need to be able to see and accept your own anxious and distressing thoughts in order to manage them. So, whenever you feel your anxiety levels increasing, simply start by asking yourself “What is making me feel stressed and anxious right now?”

  • Personally challenging these anxious thoughts

    You should always try to challenge your anxious thoughts and assumptions. A good example of this is that even though you have to interact with someone who is sneezing, that isn’t a clear indication that they have the Covid-19 virus. In many cases, people typically respond to these type of thoughts by looking for supporting information and ignoring any other type of evidence that shows that thought may not be true. This is known as confirmation bias.

    Always try to challenge your mind and consider all of the possible alternatives as well as evidence that is available.

  • Pay more attention to the good possibilities

    You should attempt to focus more on the positive side and reframe your thoughts. A good example of this is if you find yourself thinking that you’re trapped at home, you should instead re-frame that thought into you’re safe in your home and have time to focus on your hobbies. Instead of thinking that you’ll get sick with the Coronavirus, instead think that once you protect yourself and take precautions, you likely won’t get sick.

    Whenever you’re facing uncertain things, it is always quite beneficial to focus on positive self talk.

  • Pay attention to the things within your control

    Focus your energy on things that are within your realm of control. So, for example, when it comes to protecting yourself from Covid-19, you should do the recommendations to protect yourself from the virus. This includes washing your hands, practicing social distancing, wearing your mask etc. Even though you can’t make others take these precautions or determine who will contract the virus, you can control your own choices.

    You should always ask yourself, what can you do? Once you have done everything in your power or you can’t do anything at all, then you should redirect your focus on something that you can control. For help get in touch with Claritychi.

  • Always be intentional, aware and mindful

    Whenever you feel very distressed, pay more attention to how you’re breathing. In many cases, you’ll likely be breathing too fast and this may be making you overly anxious. So, pay more attention to your breathing and in particular making your exhaling breath a bit longer. For example, you can try breathing in for 4 counts and breathing out for 6 counts.

    You should also look for different ways to ground yourself in the current moment. You should also pay attention to all of your five senses and see exactly what is happening right now. Use affirming thoughts to reduce distress and thinking calming thoughts. This includes telling yourself that you can handle whatever is happening, you’re okay etc.

  • Make use of value driven behaviors

    Think about what you value and find ways to engage your behaviors to support that value. For example, if you greatly value family, then think about how to change your behavior to support that. For one, you can call your parents, aunts, uncles, siblings etc and check in on them, ask them if they need assistance with anything etc.





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How To Reduce Anxiety

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